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  • Thought this would be a fun way to get to know each other more!

    Color: Turquoise.
    Food: Chicken Tikka Masala.
    Drink: Stewarts Diet Peach Soda.
    Weight loss program: Weight Watchers.
    Movie: The Fall (if you haven't seen this, you need to.)
    Animal: Tyrannosaurus Rex. (I love all things dinosaur)
    Vacation place: Disney World!
    City: New Orleans.
    Band: Talking Heads.
    Beauty product: Bare Escentuals eyeshadow.
    Celebrity: Marilyn Monroe.
    Article of clothing you own:
    Store: Target.
    Website: 3FC of course!
    Restaurant: Taj of India
    Video game: Super Mario Bros on my NES.
    Healthy activity: Rollerskating.
    Book (or series): Harry Potter/Hunger Games.
    TV show: Big Bang Theory
  • Color: Green
    Food: Chocolate
    Drink: Tea
    Weight loss program: Intermittent Fasting
    Movie: Currently Water for Elephants. Soon to be Hunger Games, I hope!
    Animal: Unicorn
    Vacation place: Europe
    City: Washington DC
    Band: Underoath
    Beauty product: Arbonne Primer
    Celebrity: Kevin James
    Article of clothing you own: Yoga pants
    Store: I hate to shop, so I do what I can online.
    Website: 3FC!
    Restaurant: Koreana
    Video game: None
    Healthy activity: Hiking or snowshoeing
    Book (or series): Anything by Jen Lancaster or Alice Hoffman
    TV show: Big Bang Theory
  • Color: Red
    Food: Italian
    Drink: Diet Pepsi
    Weight loss program: Weight Watchers
    Movie: Once Around
    Animal: Dogs
    Vacation place: Bahamas
    City: Any Beach town at the Jersey Shore
    Band: Bon Jovi
    Beauty product: ELF Liquid Liner
    Celebrity: Big Ang (LOL!!!)
    Article of clothing you own: Red fuzzy slippers
    Store: NY & Co.
    Website: 3FC!
    Restaurant: Solo Bella
    Video game: None
    Healthy activity: Jogging
    Book (or series): Mostly any autobiography
    TV show: Biggest Loser, Real Housewives, Celebrity Apprentice
  • Color: Blue
    Food: Lasagna
    Drink: Rum & Coke
    Weight loss program: Calorie Counting and YMCA membership
    Movie: Toss-up between The Best Man and the original Parent Trap
    Animal: Puppy
    Vacation place: Miami
    City: NYC
    Band: Staind
    Beauty product: Carols Daughter Hair Milk
    Celebrity: Boris Kodjoe
    Article of clothing you own: green corset
    Store: NY & Co
    Website: 3FC!
    Restaurant: IHOP
    Video game: Wii Fit
    Healthy activity: Swimming
    Book (or series): Patricia Cornwell Scarpetta books
    TV show: Being Human on BBC
  • Color: purple
    Food: lobster
    Drink: coffee
    Weight loss program: WW
    Movie: The Stand
    Animal: cats
    Vacation place: east coast of Canada
    City: Montreal
    Band: The Clash
    Beauty Product: Avalon Organics face wash
    Celebrity: Ellen Page
    Article of clothing you own: yoga pants
    Store: Farmer's Market
    Website: 3fc
    Restaurant: Indian Rice Factory
    Video Game: Left For Dead 1 and 2
    Healthy Activity: Aquafitness
    Book: Oblimov
    TV Show: The Walking Dead
  • Color: pink
    Food: Chocolate
    Drink: latte
    Weight loss program: Weight Watchers
    Movie: The Avengers!! (I have hundreds of faves but that is my latest)
    Animal: Penguins (But again I have many favs)
    Vacation place: Margaret River, Western Australia
    City: Perth, Western Australia
    Band: Weezer (again I have too many favs)
    Beauty product: All Clinique products
    Celebrity: Joss Whedon
    Article of clothing you own: Skinny jeans!
    Store: Kohls & Target
    Website: Flickr
    Restaurant: Tsunami's
    Video game: Sims 3
    Healthy activity: Dancing
    Book (or series): A Song of Ice & Fire (Game of Thrones)
    TV show: Battlestar Galactica (again way too many favs)
  • Color: Blue
    Food: Calamari
    Drink: Vanilla Coke
    Weight Loss Program: IP
    Movie: Ramen Girl
    Animal: Dogs
    Vacation Place: Maui
    City:Port Hardy BC
    Band: ......not to sure
    Beauty Products: Aveeno
    Celebrity: Robin Williams
    Article of clothing you own: 2 peice bathing suit
    Store: The Body Shop
    Website: Facebook
    Restraunt Setos
    Video Game: Need for Speed Undercovver
    Healthy Activity: Swimming
    Book: Anything by Philip Yancey
    TV Show: Jepordy!!!
  • Color: Purple
    Food: Mac & Cheese
    Drink: Water
    Weight loss program: None?
    Movie: Don't have one, but I love Remember the Titans
    Animal: Giraffe
    Vacation place: Denver
    City: Tulsa!
    Band: Switchfoot
    Beauty product: Is Chapstick a beauty product?
    Celebrity: Amy Lee
    Article of clothing you own: Black zip-up hoodie
    Store: Old Navy
    Website: Tumblr
    Restaurant: Zio's
    Video game: Sims 3
    Healthy activity: Walking
    Book (or series): Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
    TV show: LOST and How I Met Your Mother
  • Color: Wine/Burgundy and Turquoise
    Food: Anything Asian, Italian, or southern
    Drink: Diet Coke/ Sonic's diet Ocean Water/ Atlanta Bread's Ginger Peach tea
    Weight loss program: My own
    Movie: RENT or Moulin Rouge
    Animal: Kitty! Mrow!
    Vacation place: Myrtle Beach
    City: Columbia, SC (My hometown!)
    Band: Too many to name!!
    Beauty product: Maybelline Baby Lips tinted lip balm
    Celebrity: Jennifer Lopez!
    Article of clothing you own: Probably my Lane Bryant shorts, atm. And my strappy sandals!
    Store: Old Navy
    Website: I don't really have a favorite; I visit a lot!
    Restaurant: Most Japanese steak houses... and anything like Applebee's or O'Charley's
    Video game: Pokemon!
    Healthy activity: Dancing
    Book (or series): Harry Potter, and The Crank trilogy by Ellen Hopkins
    TV show: Big Bang Theory
  • Color: Pink
    Food: Steak and/or shrimp
    Drink: Diet Coke/ Sonic's
    Weight loss program: WW
    Movie: Sleepless in Seattle
    Animal: Dog
    Vacation place: CA
    City: Carmel, CA
    Band: Too many to name!!
    Beauty product: Lipstick...never leave home without it!
    Celebrity: Can't say I really have a a few, Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Chad Kruger
    Article of clothing you own: My hippie skirt and birkenstocks
    Store: Penneys
    Website: I live on FB
    Restaurant: Olive Garden
    Video game: Pacman
    Healthy activity: Walking
    Book (or series): Alex Cross Series by James Patterson
    TV show: Have a few...Good Wife, The Mentalist, Sons of Anarchy, Mike and Molly, Castle to name a few
  • This looks fun! Thanks for posting!


    Color: To wear: black, to look at: blue or green or yellow... they're all so nice! lol
    Food: Avacado, Salmon, PIZZA, Curry
    Drink: Diet Coke
    Weight loss program: Calorie Counting + Intermittent Fasting
    Movie: In Her Shoes (cry, laugh, cry, laugh)
    Animal: chimp (cute+smart)
    Vacation place: Japan
    City: NYC!!!
    Band: Coldplay
    Beauty product: Covergirl simply ageless sculpting blush (I use it on my cheeks, lips and sometimes eyes) and Aussie Hair Insurance detangler
    Celebrity: Hmm.. not big on celebs.. maybe Ghandi or Mother Theresa..
    Article of clothing you own: Short sleeve black denim jacket
    Store: TJ Maxx or Target
    Website: FB
    Restaurant: MyThai
    Video game: Mario Bros
    Healthy activity: Hula hooping or sex :-)
    Book (or series): Malcom Gladwell books, aka, nerdy psychology stuff
    TV show: Biggest Loser
  • Color: Yellow (I just can't wear it)
    Food: dill pickles
    Drink: Blueberry Lemonade Mio
    Weight loss program: lifestyle change
    Movie: Clue
    Animal: turtle
    Vacation place: Florida
    City: Rome
    Band: The Beatles!
    Beauty product: Burt's Bees lip balm with Acai Berry
    Celebrity: Chris Hemsworth *drool*
    Article of clothing you own: my knee-length tiered skirt
    Store: Charming Charlies
    Website: 3FC
    Restaurant: HuHot Mongolian grill
    Video game: Sims 3
    Healthy activity: biking
    Book (or series): Harry Potter
    TV show: Mythbusters / Big Bang Theory
  • Color: Emerald green
    Food: Anything with cheese and/or salami
    Drink: Diet Cherry Coke (not Cherry Coke Zero!)
    Weight loss program: Weight Watchers
    Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
    Animal: Kitty cats!
    Vacation place: Hawaii
    City: Prague
    Band: The Kinks
    Beauty product: Bobbi Brown everything
    Celebrity: Hugh Jackman
    Article of clothing you own: vintage LV bag
    Store: Nordstrom (and Rack)
    Website: Ebay
    Restaurant: Inexpensive -- Etete; Moderate -- Blue Duck Tavern; Expensive -- Gundel
    Video game: Super Mario World on my SNES
    Healthy activity: Frisbee
    Book (or series): If Hilary Mantel wrote it, it's in here.
    TV show: Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, Glee Project, Top Chef, Amazing Race
  • Color: Blue
    Food: Indian or mexican
    Drink: Water!! Tea/coffee comes in 2nd.
    Weight loss program: Volumetric calories counting, eliminating all trans-fat and HFCS.
    Movie: godfather
    Animal: chickens
    Vacation place: Going back home to visit family.
    City: Charleston, SC
    Band: Pink Floyd
    Beauty product: Eye brow pencil
    Celebrity: Alexander Skarsgaard is yummy.
    Article of clothing you own: sexy shoes
    Store: Loft
    Website: 3FC
    Restaurant: I almost never eat out.
    Video Game: hmmm,..not a big fan.
    Healthy activity: Zumba
    Book (or series): Games of Thrones
    TV show: Grey's Anatomy
  • Color: Moss.
    Food: Good question... I adore a good salad bar.
    Drink: Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout
    Weight loss program: CC.
    Movie: The Virgin Spring (Watch too much Bergman.)
    Animal: Crow/raven.
    Vacation place: The steppe.
    City: None.
    Band: Sainkho Namtchylak
    Beauty product: Chanel Mademoiselle lipstick.
    Celebrity: Amy Winehouse ha
    Article of clothing you own: Let's not go there.
    Store: H&M? Idk
    Website: Tumblr (letharia-vulpina!)
    Restaurant: PF Changs
    Video game: Super Street Fighter (mostly the classics cause I dont play them anymore.)
    Healthy activity: Hiking.
    Book (or series): Women Who Run With the Wolves
    TV show: Trailer Park Boys