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  • Color: Blue
    Food: Pizza
    Drink: Diet Coke
    Weight loss program: Counting calories & exercising
    Movie: The Grinch,Nothing to lose,School of Rock,Ect.
    Animal: My doggy Brutus (mini Schnauzer)
    Vacation place: Tennessee
    City: The one I live
    Band: ~OMG SO MANY~Um cyndi lauper....Skidrow..Lots of Big hair days!
    Beauty product: ~N/A I go natural
    Celebrity: Julia Roberts
    Article of clothing you own: All of it~I have so many nice things since weight loss!
    Store: Aeropostale/charlotte russe & So many more!!
    Website: 3FC &
    Restaurant: Anything pizza!
    Video game: Mario
    Healthy activity: walking & stepper.
    Book (or series)...hmmmm~I read a book called 'nothing to cheer about" as a kid & read it several times!
    TV show: CSI ~Special victims unit,Criminal minds,King Of the hill
  • Color: Currently coral and light green but that changes
    Food: Mexican
    Drink: Tea
    Weight loss program: Jillian Michaels
    Movie: Forest Gump is all I can think of at the moment
    Animal: Penguin
    Vacation place: Turks & Caicos Island
    City: Chicago
    Band: Pink Floyd
    Beauty product: MAC
    Celebrity: Justin Timberlake
    Article of clothing you own: Comfy PJ pants from Old Navy
    Store: Bath & Body Works!
    Restaurant: Weber Grill
    Video game: None
    Healthy activity: Walking
    Book (or series): None
    TV show: American Horror Story
  • Color: Crimson
    Food: Mexican!
    Drink: Sierra Mist, unfortunately.
    Weight loss program: Simple calorie counting.
    Movie: Disney's Beauty and the Beast or The Wizard of Oz
    Animal: Dolphin
    Vacation place: North Carolina
    City: Lexington, Ky
    Band: Say Anything
    Beauty product: Mascara
    Celebrity: Gerard Butler
    Article of clothing you own: I am obsessed with socks and panties. >.>;; haha. Probably my pair of knee high socks.
    Store: Deb
    Restaurant: Olive Garden
    Video game: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Healthy activity: Walking
    Book (or series): Harry Potter.
    TV show: Doctor Who
  • Color: Silver
    Food: Salmon
    Drink: Water. Alcoholic: Lynchburg Lemonade
    Weight loss program: Watching portions and exercise
    Movie: The Lake House
    Animal: Dolphin
    Vacation place: Anywhere that keeps my kids entertained
    City: None in particular
    Band: The Airborne Toxic Event
    Beauty product: Body Shop Aloe Moisurizer
    Celebrity: David Beckham
    Article of clothing you own: Patent 5" pumps
    Store: Kohls
    Website: Facebook and Amazon
    Restaurant: TGI Friday
    Video game: None
    Healthy activity: Lifting and Shred
    Book (or series): Celestria series by Addison Moore and everything by Ellen Hopkins
    TV show: Being Erica and Sons of Anarchy
  • Color: Green
    Food: Chocolate
    Drink: milk or water
    Weight loss program: Moderation
    Movie: A&E Pride and Predjudice
    Animal: Penguin or April <---
    Vacation place: we invented the stay-cation
    City: Memphis, I guess
    Band: 10th Ave North or Third Day
    Beauty product: CG Advanced Radience powder + lip stain
    Article of clothing you own: Red and black cowboy boots
    Store: Ross
    Website: VideoFitness
    Restaurant: Olive Garden
    Video game: Poke the Penguin
    Healthy activity: lifting
    Book (or series): Bible
    TV show: The Chew
  • Color: Blue
    Food: Chicken
    Drink: Water, tea, Dr. Pepper
    Weight Loss Program: Freestyle, running and eating less
    Movie: Spirited Away
    Animal: Dog
    Vacation Place: Anywhere in Japan <3
    City: Utsunomiya
    Band: Pendulum
    Beauty Product: I don't do beauty stuff...
    Article of clothing you own: My robotics team's shirt
    Store: I dunno... I guess I like hanging around the mall... not really good at buying stuff...
    Website: Uhh... all kinds... Facebook, 3FC, Pandora, Youtube...
    Resturaunt: Pizza Hut... Does that count?
    Video game: Oh God... Um... Pokemon games, most Zelda games, some Mario games, a little bit of all the platformers...
    Healthy activity: Running
    Book: Why are these questions so hard!? >.< Ummm... Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Mysterious Case of the Dog in the Night-Time, The Absolutely True Story of a Part Time Indian
    TV Show: Bakemonogatari/Nisemonogatari
  • Color: Hot pink
    Food: Steak and Lobster
    Drink: mountain dew voltage
    Weight Loss Program: calorie counting
    Movie: An affair to remember
    Animal: elephant
    Vacation Place: England
    City: san diego
    Band: Rascal flatts
    Beauty Product: oil of olay
    Article of clothing you own: dont have a fave
    Store: walmart lol
    Website: too many to count
    Resturaunt: red hawk steak house
    Video game: pc games- everquest, wow.... xbox- call of duty black ops
    Healthy activity: walking
    Book: the stand by stephen king
    TV Show: big bang theory, greys anatomy
  • Color: Blue and yellow (well, I just can't decide)
    Food: Ice cream (yum)
    Drink: Just water
    Artist: Adele
    Animal: Cat, 'specially ginger ones
    Drama: Criminal Minds
    City: London
    Book(s): Wuthering heights, Pride and prejudice
    Website: Viki
    Day: Definitely Saturday
    Activity: Sleep, sleep and sleep
    Healthy activity: Jogging
    Restaurant: 123
  • Color: Aqua
    Food: Cheese filled pretzels!
    Drink: Water
    Weight loss program: Not sure yet
    Movie: Requiem for A Dream
    Animal: Cats, Dogs...the usual.
    Vacation place: Costa Rica
    City: I'm not sure...
    Band: Too many to pick from
    Beauty product: No specifics
    Celebrity: James DeFranco <3
    Article of clothing you own: Black fleece pj pants
    Store: I dont know..
    Website: Facebook
    Restaurant: King House
    Video game: Minecraft
    Healthy activity: Walking
    Book (or series): I honestly dont read. hah.
    TV show: Ink Masters, Walking Dead, Breaking Bad.
  • Color: pink
    Food: Chocolate
    Drink: flavored carbonated waters
    Weight loss program: calorie counting
    Movie: Fried Green Tomatoes
    Animal: owls or wolves
    Vacation place: ive never been on vacation
    City: of all the places in alaska that i've lived, i like where i'm at best, Juneau, and second best is Fairbanks
    Band: way too many to pick from
    Beauty product: umm nail polish?...i really dont do makeup or anything
    Article of clothing you own: my cute new black stylish winter boots!
    Store: i only shop locally and the only big stores here are walmart and fred meyers...i shop them both equally lol
    Website: i read news the most and 3FC...favorite news websites are local ones
    Restaurant: ive hardly ever eaten at nationwide chains...i like several local ones and my favorite might be a local Asian place called Canton House
    Video game: on my iPhone, an app game called CrossFingers, its puzzles
    Healthy activity: running, by far!
    Book (or series): anything related to nutrition or fitness...coming in second, historical romance novels
    TV show: American Idol and Desperate Housewives (which sadly has ended *cry*)
  • Color: Plum purple
    Food: Chicken and rice
    Drink: Diet Coke FTW
    Weight loss program: Weight Watchers
    Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Animal: Dogs. Or more specifically, mine!
    Vacation place: Las Vegas
    City: DC
    Band: Iron and Wine
    Beauty product: Neutrogena sunless tanner spray
    Celebrity: Amy Poehler
    Article of clothing you own: My college sweatshirt
    Store: Target
    Website: Reddit
    Restaurant: Chipotle
    Video game: The Sims
    Healthy activity: Turbo Jam
    Book (or series): Too many to choose! Lately I'm digging anything and everything by Jane Austen.
    TV show: Mad Men
  • Color: Blue
    Food: Soup/Chili/Stew
    Drink: Chocolate Milk
    Weight loss program: Calorie Count at Dailyburn
    Movie: Field of Dreams/Frequency/Giant
    Animal: Zebra
    Vacation place: Europe
    City: Vancouver BC
    Band: Bon Jovi
    Beauty product: Kiehls Vitamin C serum
    Celebrity: James Cavaziel
    Article of clothing you own: Olsen Winter Jacket
    Store: Lucky Jeans
    Website: Google Queen lol
    Restaurant: Any steakhouse
    Video game: Wii
    Healthy activity: Cybex Arc Trainer/Bodyflow
    Book (or series): mostly read the internet these days
    TV show: Once Upon A Time/Person of Interest/2 Broke Girls/Criminal Minds
  • Color: Crimson Red
    Food: Chili, Roast Chicken, cereal
    Drink: iced tea
    Weight loss program: whatever works
    Movie: Lord of the Rings,
    Animal: Great White Shark
    Vacation place: Cruise Ship or Paris
    City: Toronto, ON and Paris
    Band: Aerosmith
    Beauty product: black eyeliner (using a Rimmel one right now) and Avon moisture lip balm
    Celebrity: Liam Neeson
    Article of clothing you own: cute black dress with poppies on it
    Store: Chapters
    Website: Facebook
    Restaurant: Jack Astors or Red Lobster
    Video game: Mario Party
    Healthy activity: Dancing
    Book (or series): Every Dead Thing (and pretty much everything else by John Connolly)
    TV show: MASH, X-Files, Golden Girls, the new Hawaii 5-0,
  • Color: Sea Blue
    Food: Avacados
    Drink: Hot Tea
    Weight loss program: undecided
    Movie: Forrest Gump
    Animal: Bear
    Pet : Dog
    Vacation place: Hawaii
    City: Chicago
    Band: Pink Floyd
    Celebrity: Tom Hanks
    Article of clothing you own: fleece robe
    Store: Coldwater Creek
    Website: Pintrest
    Restaurant: Ruby Tuesday
    Healthy activity: Walking
    Book (or series): Book of Virtues
    TV show: Grey's Anatomy, Revenge, Big Bang Theory
  • Color: black or light blue
    Food: Pizza
    Drink: If I'm being "bad", shot of Jack Daniels, "good" spiced Chai tea (hot) or iced tea (unsweetened).
    Weight loss program: healthy eating, exercise & H2O
    Movie: Ben-Hur...has it all! Action, love story, history...see it! It's a classic!!!
    Animal: frog/toad, ring-necked pheasant
    Pet: 1 Maine Coon, Agatha Noel
    Vacation place: Northern CA coast
    City: Um, no thank girl. Cities make me
    Band: Godsmack, Metallica, Doors
    Celebrity: Hugh Jackman
    Article of clothing you own: Old No.7 (JD) ball cap or my pink rain jacket
    Store: Spencers
    Website: Here, Yahoo, FB
    Restaurant: Haven't been to one in a looong time...but I'd have to say Logan's Roadhouse/Chilli's.
    Healthy activity: Walking, dancing, hiking
    Video game: Really don't play video games...really suck at them!
    Book (or series): Anything by Ann Rule...true crime writer.
    TV show: Big Bang, Person of Interest, Once Upon a Time, NCIS