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I recommend: Easy A. It's quite funny and Emma Stone really makes you feel for Olive. Amanda Bynes and Alyson Michalka rocked too.

I DO NOT recommend:Saw. Watched part of it and had to force my sister to turn it off as it almost made me vomit. It's basically sadism and gore. Not a good movie.
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Originally Posted by CanadianCutie View Post
One of my movies is older, one is recent.
I recommend The Fisher King. Arthurian legend in early 90s New York. Amazing movie. I laughed and cried. I first got exposed to it when I was taking an English course on Arthurian Legend.
I definitely do not recommend Morning Glory. Rachel McAdams and Harrison Ford, and Diane Keaton. The only thing that stuck out from this movie is just how old and awful Harrison is lookng.
I thought Harrison ford looked like a grumpy old man. Definitely not sexy like he used to be.

But Diane Keaton looks fabulous! I can't believe she's in her 60s!
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I have some recommendations:

The bridges of Madison county (although Meryl streep's accent bothered me)
The kings speech
Black swan
127 hours
True grit
Fear and loathing in las Vegas (hilarious if you love hunter s Thompson and Johnny Depp, one of his best performances IMO)

I don't recommend
Tron Legacy. Awesome soundtrack, Jeff bridges is awesome, but the movie was meh. The graphics were cool and it was fun seeing Daft Punk make a cameo (they did the soundtrack).

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aww i love bridges of madison county

okay i recommend p.s. i love you-different then most romantic comedies

i don't recommend-hmmm have to get back to you
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I would Recommend the movie: Hall Pass (In theaters)
I would NOT Recommend: Human Centipede (That movie is disgusting)

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Okay, mine are kind of older:

Shawshank Redemption (brilliantly done, favorite movie)

Not Recommended:
Twilight. (My cousin forced me to watch the first movie and it was awful. I don't understand the craze at all.)
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recommended: Show Me Love (otherwise known as ****ing Amal)
not recommended: Eat Pray Love (I really wanted to adore it and went in expecting to do so, but in the end it was pretty boring and lackluster)
Mini Goal 7

Long Term Goal
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I recommend: (500) Days of Summer (a story about love but not a love story well acted and well constructed and beautiful in its own way) , Eternal Sunshine (could rewatch this movie all day unique premise, fantastic music and great acting), American Beauty (a movie you must see before you die), Fight Club (a cult classic for a reason), or Inception (i hate action movies but i loooooooved this movie!)

I don't recommend: I Spy (worst movie I've ever seen), Mysterious Skin (disturbing), Wild Grass (i still really don't get what it was suppose to be about), or Freddy Got Fingered (dummest movie ever)

Independence Day Challenge!

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for every ten pounds lost
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Disclaimer - I am a total movie snob - it's only because I love movies so much.

If you want to think - I N C E P T I O N (I am NOT an action movie fan, but see it and watch the gorgeous Joseph Gordon-Levitt steal the movie)

If you want to laugh - Role Models (another one outside of my typical, but hilarious); The Big Lebowski, Raising Arizona

If you want the BEST CHASE SCENE EVER - The Town.

If you want to cry at the resilience of the human spirit - Slumdog Millionaire

If you want a camp classic - This is Spinal Tap, Showgirls, They Live

Avoid at all costs:
Phone Booth
The Forgotten

I have tons more, but those are the biggies

Trying like crazy not to fit into my genes.

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