This or That?

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  • Post two things. Then the person below you has to choose "this or that?"

    Chocolate or Vanilla?
  • chocolate.

    Spring or Fall?
  • fall
    cat or dog?
  • Spring.

    Dog or cat?
  • Dog

    Team Edward or Team Taylor
  • Team Edward

    book or movie?
  • Book!
    hot weather or cold weather?
  • Hot weather!

    Left or Right Handed?
  • Left-handed

    smooth or chunky peanut butter?
  • smooth

    coffee or soda
  • Soda

    Early Bird or Night Owl?
  • Night owl
    Apples or oranges?
  • oranges

    Fish or Chicken?
  • fish

    coke or pepsi (diet of course )
  • If in the USA - Coke
    If in Europe - Pepsi

    (seriously! They taste COMPLETELY different! I can't WAIT for Serbian Pepsi Max...)

    drama or horror? (as in movie genres)