21 questions?????

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  • A treadmill, since I can look like I rolled out of bed in my attic!

    What food is most irresistable to you?
  • LOL

    Right now.. Ranch Rice Cake Snacks... omgosh!! I can eat the whole big bag... smh

    Sweets or Salty food?
  • Sweets!

    White or red wine?
  • White!

    Tomato sauce or cream based sauce?
  • White cream sauce

    Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
  • vanilla

    P90X or Zumba?
  • Zumba

    Rock or hip hop?
  • Hip Hop... easier to dance to, lol

    Which would you rather watch - Biggest Loser or Celebrity Fit Club??
  • Biggest loser

    Would you rather have a ride in the back of a police car, or be the guest on a Jerry Springer show?
  • Jerry Springer--at least then, I get paid to take a vacation and won't get booked!

    Would you rather read all of Charles Dickens' writings or all of Agatha Christie's?
  • Dickens - just re-read tale of two cities...

    What is a recurring theme in your dreams?
  • Recurring theme? Escape.

    What is your biggest hope or fear?
  • Not being close when my kids are in need

    What is your fantasy vacation?
  • anywhere warm with a good book.

    What would you do if you had $1 million?
  • Save, spend, invest, donate

    What was the last compliment that you received?