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  • I would go back and join sports in highschool. I know i would have been in better shape then i am now and i would have more confidence in meeting people.

    Would you rather be" happy in a poor marriage" or "unhappy in a rich marriage"? I think this is an easy question but friend of mine chose the answer i considered wrong. i guess money can buy some peoples happiness...
  • Well, since I am in a poor marriage and am usually pretty happy, I'd say "Happy in a poor marriage".

    If you could only have one hobby for the rest of your life what would it be? For me, it would have to be singing ... as much as I ADORE writing, I could never go an entire day without singing.
  • I'd pick reading... I love my books...

    Could you give up driving for a month?
  • Could you give up driving for a month? Yes, but only if I get to choose the month, lol. We're moving across the country for July and August, so definitely want the car then.

    If you could meet one person from history, who would it be?
  • Moses Coady

    How far do you live from your birthplace?
  • Approx. 1,840 miles.

    Musical instrument you wish you knew how to play?
  • The Accordion!

    [B]How many rings before you answer the phone?/B]
  • lol.. My ringtones are programed to all my callers so depending on what i hear is how fast i answer. If i hear butterfly kisses thats my daddy i answer quickly if i hear white liar , thats a friend who's a pathological lier then i let it go to voice mail.. lol im evil..

    What is 2 things you always carry in your purse?
  • Chapstick and a handkerchief.

    Do you organize/alphabetize particular things in your home or office?
  • Lol.. I organize all my books by series and which ones i like the most. Its my own system but it works..lol

    How long do you usually go without washing your car?
  • I always think a dirty car means its going to rust faster. Don't know why. So I wash my car once or twice a week (I wash it myself, though. No sense dishing out 8$ every time!

    You're out to dinner with any person (alive, deceased, famous, fictional, etc). Who is it and what are you eating?
  • My ancestors that came to America, and we'd be having a big ol' backyard BBQ!

    What is your favorite (sinful or not) dessert?
  • Sugar cookies with soft, soft icing.

    Romantic comedy or Action movie?
  • Romantic comedy

    Are you left handed or right handed?
  • right handed

    If you had to choose between vacation every year or retiring five years sooner, which would you choose?