The Person Below Me #14

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  • Last question was...

    TPBM has a garden in the summer...

    I do...year round here!

    TPBM watched Bonanza as a kid
  • No it was on Sunday nights, and I had to go to church...

    TPBM has been to a Mardi Gras parade.
  • nope
    TPBM Has hairy legs...(couldn't think of anything)
  • Yes! (I hate shaving in the winter!)

    TPBM likes fun patterned socks!
  • LOL

    Yes I do love socks with patterns ~But I have been wearing plain white.
    TPBM keeps there finger nails painted all the time.
  • not

    TPBM knows who Wolfman Jack was
  • Oh I am it a "was" did he die? Yes I know him!

    TPBM plays 3FC games instead of working
  • yep... well, if I had something to do maybe I would be working instead

    TPBM has a laptop
  • Yes I do!

    TPBM has a cold.
  • thank God nooooo...

    TPBM has an electric tooth brush
  • yes I do

    TPBM has NEVER used a tanning bed
  • no, I did year ago...

    TPBM loves to wear skirt
  • Yes, I love to wear skirts and dresses.

    TPBM loves her job...
  • HATE it

    TPBM is going to bed early tonight
  • Quote: Oh I am it a "was" did he die? Yes I know him!
    He died in '95....I had him on my i-pod shuffle today (The Guess Who ~ Clap for The Wolfman)

    I do love my wife's job!

    TPBM has played Rook