The Person Below Me #14

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  • nope but all 3 of my siblings have

    TPBM just got a call from their son while they were reading a text from their daughter
  • no kids here

    TPBM has plans for the weekend
  • Yes - two meetings set up one at 9 am and another at 5pm leaves time for shopping.

    TPBM is excited about St. Patty's day.
  • Nah, not really.

    TPBM likes to go to the spa.
  • Love it, just have no $...

    TPBM has a trip planned for this year
  • Yes, Yes - two trips. I'm so excited.

    TPBM is thinking about shopping for their new Easter outfit.
  • no... don't need any more cloth

    TPBM likes to wear different earrings every day
  • Yes almost every day.

    TPBM uses a curling iron on their hair.
  • no, I like my hair straight

    TPBM wears socks in bed
  • Usually

    TPBM has seen a chiropractor before.
  • Actually, a long time ago I dated one, but never as a patient.

    TPBM has gone on a motorcycle trip.
  • yes i have before, in vietnam was fantastic

    TPBM can ski or snowboard?
  • Neither, nor! But it looks fun!

    TPBM likes to draw.
  • Yes! I actually paint signs and do craft shows

    TPBM has lost their cell phone more than once.
  • No.

    TPBM has lost their car keys.