The Person Below Me #14

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  • I AM!

    TPBM knows who Lindsey Vonn is...
  • No, but I'll google the name now.

    TPBM has a secret crush.
  • no

    TPBM likes to wear dark nail polish
  • nope

    TPBM loves it when their spouse gets their toes "decorated" with the themes of spring and summer....
  • That would scare me quite a lot actually! LOL

    TPBM has run a 5K.
  • I have run and walked many of them...last Saturday was my last one...

    TPBM is really hoping Daytona 500 finishes!
  • Haven't given it a thought, actually.

    TPBM has today off work.
  • no, I work in fundraising and I am working on 2 auctions today...

    TPNM is watching the olympics too late into the night!
  • Last night I did.

    TPBM likes broccoli.
  • yes I do...

    TPBM sees the SUNSHINE!
  • Love it.

    TPBM is having a lazy day.
  • Nope, work as usual.

    TPBM stayed OP over Valentine's Day.
  • I wish...

    TPBM got something unexpected for Valentine's Day
  • yes I roses!

    TPBM is ready for warmer weather!
  • OH GOD YES!!! snowing as we speak..
    TPBM did house work today