The Person Below Me #14

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  • no... I listen the news on the radio in the morning...

    TPBM knows how to bake
  • I learned how...which added 10 pounds...oh those muffins and cookies....I don't bake anymore!

    TPBM took something to church today
  • no

    TPBM had many relationship during his/er life
  • 3 for more than a year....2 for more than 6 months....

    TPBM has been with their SO for more than 10 years
  • SO???? sorry don't know what that means But I am with my bf since 2002, well, on and off

    TPBM knows what SO means
  • Yup, Significant Other.

    TPBM knows what DND means...
  • Well, could it be Do Not Disturb if that's it then yes- if not then the answer is no.

    TPBM went to church on Sunday.
  • no

    TPBM has already plans for the weekend
  • Yes - on Saturday at least.

    TPBM is always happy to see H U M P day arrive.
  • I am... that is the day I am a bite of peace at this ****.

    TPBM does meditation
  • Every day...

    TPBM is looking forward to their vacation this year.
  • yep... I am just talking about it with my friend... we are trying to plan a trip to Miami!!!

    TPBM lives upstairs
  • I own a tri-level home

    TPBM ahs a wife at BUNKO tonight
  • No wife and no BUNKO.

    TPBM likes the smell of cinnamon.
  • I do... and the taste too!

    TPBM has a favorite park to go during summer time