The Person Below Me #14

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  • I do

    TPBM read the sports page today
  • Nope, haven't touched the paper yet.

    TPBM ate breakfast this morning.
  • Not yet, still on computer.

    TPBM will use an umbrella today.
  • chance of sprinkles....nope

    TPBM has to work at a friend's house today...
  • Oh no, Not today, play day.

    TPBM is having dinner away from home tonite.
  • maybe but probably not....

    TPBM has laundry going right now
  • I do.

    TPBM has sponsored someone at church before.
  • not really...but we are a contact for new members if they have questions about the church

    TPBM went to the bank today
  • Yes - did that.

    TPBM put gas in their car today.
  • not today...

    TPBM was OP during the weekend
  • Oh no- went out of town - and ate choco..... Yum.

    TPBM has an addiction to chocolate.
  • yes, I do

    TPBM slept in during the weekend
  • Yes - both mornings.

    TPBM had trouble with time change this am.
  • no

    TPBM already celebrated St. Patrick's Day
  • No - not yet.

    TPBM had a long week end.