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  • yep... I wear whatever I find in the morning, since people here dress like clowns

    TPBM needs to get some gas on their car
  • Every wednesday

    TPBM drive a compact car.

    PS.(we act like clowns here - but dress like ??clowns anyway)
  • Quote:
    PS.(we act like clowns here - but dress like ??clowns anyway)
    LOL LOL LOL you kill me!!!!! I loved that!!!! Are you sure you don't work in the same place than I.... LOL


    TPBM is happy in having 3FC to play games online during work hours...
  • yes - it does break up the day.

    TPBM is not originally from N.Y.
  • no... originaly from Brazil!!!!

    TPBM speaks a second language
  • No - sometimes just jibberish, so that could be a second language.

    TPBM has lived in her state a long, long time.
  • not really

    TPBM drinks coffee
  • Yes- every morning and sometimes in the afternoon.

    TPBM longs for a change in the weather.
  • yep

    TPBM has long hair
  • No not today - real short.

    TPBM has many winter jackets.
  • few

    TPBM change toothbrush often
  • Yes

    TPBM never has to shorten their garments to fit right.
  • no, never

    TPBM has many sun dresses
  • No don't wear any of those.

    TPBM has a great weekend planned.
  • not this coming weekend...

    TPBM has a workout routine