Would You Rather #13

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  • sand

    hot dogs or hamburgers ?
  • hamburgers

    kaiser bun or regular bun
  • Regular bun

    Croissant or Sandwich bread
  • croissant

    escalator or elevator
  • Escalator

    Ear Buds or Old School Headphones
  • headphones - ear buds make the insides of my ears feel hot.

    digital scale or analog one?
  • ^^ me 2 Heidi ^^


    blu-ray or regular DVD
  • Regular ones

    Take Christmas tree down right after the holiday or leave it up till New Years?
  • Enjoy it til New Year's Day.

    Put the Christmas tree up or take it down?
  • Put it up!

    Head cold or Chest cold
  • Whoa, that's a tough one....

    Head cold I guess, chest colds always turn to bronchitis in our house.

    breakfast: oatmeal or eggs?
  • Oatmeal

    Quick oats or steel cut oats?
  • steel cut oats

    peanut butter or jelly?
  • PB

    soccer or library mom
  • Never heard of a library mom - but I like ALL moms.

    cats or dogs?