You've Got To Be Kidding Me Baseball Thread

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  • Here we go TEAM...

    closed down another one...

    this outta get us through the World Series!
  • And then it will all be over until Spring Training

    I miss it already.
  • Weather people are saying they would be surprised if the game gets played at all... lots of rain and wind is forecasted... sounds like a repeat of last weekend... and it was fine ...
  • A rain out would keep me from switching back and forth from the USC game...
  • Da fat lady done sung
    The season is over; da fat lady done sung.

    Is this the winter baseball thread? Where we swap players and seek outrageous contracts?

  • no Bill, its a fantasy league thread... lol
  • Is BILL trying to a round about way...we should not have ANYTHING to do with those damn yankees?
  • Don't be hatin'
  • We're not hatin' here CINDERPA...

    if Angels don't make it most of us will be pulling for Philly....
  • Yeah, yeah... Let's go Phillies!
  • I love my Phils!!!!!
  • Tearing myself away from Facebook...
    3 Threads in one season..and they say baseball isn't the national pastime anymore !

    Gary, I'll be pulling for your Angels tomorrow. They can do this..remember the 2004 Sox

    Barring that, I'll be rooting for the Phillies in the WS , and looking forward to another great baseball season
  • rained out...
    So now its Pats at 1pm... Baseball at 7pm... I love October !
  • Who woke up all these PHILLIE PHANS?
  • Where did these people come from?

    I see the new Yankee stadium has cracks in it!!