You've Got To Be Kidding Me Baseball Thread

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  • Quote: parade might be bad timing with the events at Ft. Hood
    Good point. I hadn't thought of that.
  • After our owner pays his soon to be ex-wife off....

    I am afraid there will be no $$$ left for a starting pitcher
  • No... No... and No... I won't be a thread killer...

    We've have a long cold snowy Winter of trades and injuries to discuss...
  • We could talk about Lincecum's extra curricular activities...
  • As long as it slows his fastball down it is fine with me...actually, since he is a giant I hope his career goes up in smoke..

    or he becomes one of my guys...!
  • Oh yeah...Manny exercised his option to come back for $20 million...

    funny I remember last year when we were so worried he wouldn't be a DODGER....

    what a difference a year makes....
  • So glad to see this is still going.

    I have no-one to talk to.

    Big question here where is Holliday going to end up?
  • the "little" rumor going around is the Yankees...if he doesn't come back to St. Louis...
  • I've been hearing a lot of talk about the Giants as well as the Yankees.
  • Wish he were back with the Rockies, but we can't afford him.
  • Not a lot of teams can with Scott Boras for an agent.
  • Where's my baseball buddies?

    Big award week. Who's going to get the Cy-Young?

    Carp, Waino or Lincecum?
  • No idea, Clyde!
    You know, we hardly get any baseball news around here once it is over for the season. Football just drowns all the other stuff out!
  • All the baseball news around here should be on Divorce Court TV!
  • Congrats going out to Scioscia and Tracey WTG !