You've Got To Be Kidding Me Baseball Thread

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  • Quote: ========== old timers.... ?
    I'd prefer 'seasoned thread participants' please...
    Now that made me laugh.

    Seasoned thread participants
  • So my fellow thread participants who is your pick for the World Series.

    I'm going with the Phillies in 6.
  • PHILLIES of course....we only lose to the best!
  • I'd love to see the Phillies win, but I'm afraid that it will be the Yankees in 6.

    Note to self: How did I get to be in the "seasoned" category?
  • Quote: Note to self: How did I get to be in the "seasoned" category?
    <sigh> . . . denial is the only option to aging . . . and it's a great choice.

    Much as it sticks in my throat, Yanquees in seven.

    [Seasoned warrior here.]

  • This old timer could use some seasoning...

    The experts in the Los Angeles Times have picked the yankees in 7

    Guess they read BILL'S prediction...

    they are also the ones that picked the Cardinals in 3....couldn't even through their home team a bone....
  • Well at least it finally gets started tonight!
  • Well I guess our chances of being able to afford a front line free agent pitcher is down the crapper...following is a list of some of what our owners wife wants in the divorce....

    according to TMZ....

    First off, Jamie lists the date of separation as July 6, 2009. Here are some of the things Jamie is demanding in the settle with husband Frank:

    - travel by private jet
    - 5 star hotel accommodations
    - travel expenses - Unlimited
    - business dinners 5 nights per week
    - business lunches 5 days per week
    - making Dodger Legends available for events without charge
    - access to team doctors for McCourt family members
    - access to the owner’s suite for Dodger home games and non-baseball events at the stadium
    - Tickets to All-Star games and playoff games — even if the Dodgers aren’t playing
    - a pass to all National League games

    That’s not even the best part.
    Jamie lists her living expenses as $488,928. Per month.

    With the McCourts leveraged to the absolute hilt, those requests and figures are dubious at best. Most of the couple’s net worth is tied up with the team, as Frank sold off his Boston parking lot empire in order to pay off the loan he took out to buy the team. I’m not saying the McCourts don’t live like royalty, they most certainly do, but a good portion of their “living expenses” likely go to servicing loans to support their opulent lifestyles.

    dang...can't we just all get along until after we win another WORLD SERIES?....dang
  • Almost half a million per month, wow.

    Do they have any children? Didn't see any expenses for kids.
  • I believe they have one adult son that has some capacity in the organization.

    It looks like even with a settlement like that she may need food stamps to survive....
  • Hmmm... I've decided to be a baseball lover instead of a Yankee hater... I'd like to see Mariano Rivera win it and be able to retire on top.
    Yankees in 6... 'ouch'... Gary, promise me you'll bury the evidence...

    I used to love you Andre' but you're not my one in a million anymore
  • I agree SWEET-C...

    maybe the 60's weren't that bad after all for the "junK"....
  • Quote: I agree SWEET-C...

    maybe the 60's weren't that bad after all for the "junK"....

    It just kills me to think he was doing that crap... and you may as well just stab me in the heart thinking he came out with this now to sell a blastard book !
  • Third Base Coach?
    Hold the fort. I just read that she might have been playing footsies with her bodyguard.

    Could this be so?

    Isn't there a third base coach that tells you when it's OK to keep going?

  • So will Bay be staying with the Sox?

    Who's going to sign Holliday? I don't think he will be playing here.

    So we need a left-fielder.