What did you have for supper?

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  • baked squash, grilled chicken, steamed green beans and carrots
  • gnocchi with fresh homemade whole wheat bread and zucchini grilled with onions
  • ^ yummy. any leftovers?

    progresso light soup yuck
  • Left over Lemon dijon chicken kabobs w/ onions, pepper, potatos and mushrooms!!
  • roasted chicken and apple slices
  • pulled pork, green beans and baked potato.
  • We ate at a Thai restaurant, steamed shrimp, chicken and veggies in a light plum sauce. It was wonderful!
  • Asparagus lime shrimp with rice
  • nothing. Was too tired to eat and went right to bed. big storm the night before all kids were awake all night.
  • steamed cod with grilled mediterranean veggies
  • Dinner tonight!!
    Well, I'm cooking right now, bu my anticipation is some rotisserie chicken, lil stuffing, and carrots... I'm happy to eat something with substance, I've had a few crackers and tuna fish and some berries otherwise today!
  • chili, salad and SF jello
  • Bubbies sauerkraut , smoked turkey, mixed veggies, low fat yogurt (no HFCS).
  • my dinner last night...
    stir fry- lil pork, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, zucchini, carrots, brown rice
    in soy and terriaki sauce. (I must have spelled that wrong but spell check has no word for it sry)
  • homemade pizza