• Stumped by some of the short forms here? Check out these...

    AAMOF = as a matter of fact
    ADL - activities of daily life
    ASAP = as soon as possible
    BBFN = bye bye for now
    BBL - be back later
    BBS = be back soon
    BF - best friend, boyfriend or breast feeding
    BFN = bye for now
    BIL - Brother-in-law
    BK = back
    BRB = be right back
    BRBGGP = be right back gotta go potty
    BTDT - Been There Done That
    BTW = by the way
    CRAFT - can't remember a f***ing thing
    DB - dear/darn boyfriend
    DD - dear/darn daughter
    DH - dear/darn hubby
    DS - dear/darn son
    FCOL - For Crying Out Loud
    FF - fat free
    FF fat free
    FIL - father-in-law
    FRASS - caterpillar poop - used instead of the other F word
    FTR - for the record
    FWIW - For What It's Worth
    GFGCG - Good Fat, Good Carb Guide
    GW - goal weight
    HTH - hope this helps
    HW - highest weight
    ICBINB = I Can't Believe It's Not Butter
    IKWYM - I Know What You Mean
    IMHO - in my humble opinion
    LC - Laughing Cow cheese
    LC - Low Carb
    LEQ liquid egg substitute
    LF - low fat
    LF lowfat
    LMAO - laughing my *** off
    MIL - mother-in-law
    NSV - non-scale victory
    OP - on program
    OWL - ongoing weightloss
    PITA - pain in the ***
    RF - reduced fat - sometimes Red Cheese
    ROFLOL - rolling on the floor laughing out loud
    RU - Are you...?
    SB - Sugar Busters
    SBD - South Beach Diet
    SF sugar free
    SH - same as DH except he is being a jerkhead
    SIL - sister-in-law
    SO - significant other
    SS/DD= same sh*t, different day
    STGW - short term goal weight
    SW- starting weight
    TIA - thanks in advance
    TMI - too much information
    TOM - time of month
    TTFN - ta-ta for now
    WATP - Walk Away The Pounds
    WFH - work from home
    WOE - way of eating
    WOL- way of life
    WTG - way to go
    WW - Weight Watchers
    ww - whole wheat
    YKWIM? - You know what I mean?