Quick forum section guide (Under Construction)

  • Being that our forum is fairly large, there are a lot of different parts. This post is just meant to highlight parts of it for new users. Each of the links will take you to a section of the forum. (I am still working on this so this is not finished)

    If you are new to the forum, Welcome! Stop by Introductions and introduce yourself!

    For technical issues with the forum itself, please check out the Forum Help and also look at the list of forum Frequently Asked Questions.

    For motivation and/or cheering on your fellow chicks/roosters, then check out those that have reached their Goal or those that have reached their Mini Goals.

    For our UK users and especially those that are following a UK specific program like Slimming World, check out UK Fat Chicks

    Many of our users don't follow a specific program but even if you do, the support groups would be a place to seek and offer support to your fellow members: