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Question SB for Kids

Does anyone have any children who have gone on SB for Kids. I have a 14 year old that needs to lose a few pounds, but am worried that this might be too strick for her. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has a teen on this.
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AGAPE'S grandchild, I believe, is following SB so you may want to post your question on our SB WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD to get her and possibly other peoples answer.

How many is a few pounds? If it's not much I wouldn't worry too much, she's young and still growing. If it's a lot of weight that's a different story.

SB is not restrictive per se, but what teenagers like to eat and what you can't eat then it may be for her. If she likes burgers, shakes and fries, candy and the like, it will be hard, esp. with peer pressure around. BUT, if this is her idea and her request and she wants to do this then it won't be as bad-it's when one is pushed - and I speak from experience.

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Thank you for the information, Debbie. I will check the support board as you suggested. She has about 20 lbs to lose as this is her idea as she has a sister who is just naturally slim--oh, those horrible genes. Caci
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Default about teen weight loss

I'm a 16 year old who has been doing sugar busters for about a month... i have to admit, the first week wasn't easy for me because of sugar cravings, but surprisingly peer pressure wasn't really the case. It may seem like it to adults who watch modern teens seeming to constantly be eating junk food, but we shouldn't be interested in what our friends eat... (if we are, there may be something wrong with us besides being overweight...

anyways, i think, even at my young age, that everyone should feel comfortable eating what makes them feel best...(and look great doing it, btw)

I hope reading all that helped your situation
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Hi, I also have a teenager wanting to diet. I have the SB book for myself and have the SB for kids coming in, just haven't gotten it in yet.
I would not hesitate for my child to follow the SB diet, from what I see, it is not per say the normal diet, just a healthier lifestyle of eating.
The only thing would be that school lunches are loaded with starches, the wrong kind.
I am hoping that following the SB plan only for breakfast and supper would do the trick.
At least not eating the sweets and cutting back will help a lot I think.
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