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Default Why is breakfast so important?

Okay, I'm going to ask one of those "dummy" questions that I've wondered about forever. You know, one of those questions that everyone else seems to know the answer to except me. The only answer I've ever really heard is that it jump starts your metabolism. Isn't it important for other reasons too?

I hear it all the time and from everyone: "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day". But that's all they say without elaboration and I'm too embarrassed to ask "why?", because certainly I should know by now at my age.

So, why is breakfast "the most important meal of the day?"
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Its the most impt meal of the day bc it fuels your body after a long period of not having any food. The average person gets 6-8 hrs of sleep---thats 6-8 hrs that your body is not getting any food--and its recommended that we eat every 3-4 hours. So when you have breakfast, you are 'breaking' the 'fast' and kick starting your metabolism. Make sure your breakfast contains protein and fiber---itll hold you up more. Also, people who have breakfast have been shown to eat less and better through out the day. Studies also show that they weigh less.
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Yes, I believe that ... since you need energy to digest food ... eating gets your metabolism going in the morning.
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Calories is our fuel. And we do need calories to get us going. You wouldn't expect a car to move without gasoline. Same for us.

Also, if you don't eat breakfast you will be ravenous by lunch and more likely to overeat.
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It also provides mental fuel. That's why schools push so hard for kids to have a decent breakfast, especially on test days. When your blood sugar drops, you get sleepy, grouchy and inattentive and do not perform to the best of your capabilities. I know when I skip breakfast, then all I can think about is food and usually not the good stuff. I go looking for a quick fix!
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I find if I eat breakfast, I get more hungry and feel like eating everything in sight. So, instead of a regular breakfast (cereal, etc) I just have a light fruit (a clementine) and then in another hour or two a starchier fruit. Then, at lunch, I have a normal lunch.
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I agree that breakfast is important. However, I quit eating breakfast months ago. If I have anything at all I have a glass of milk and that's it.

See, I was never a breakfast person. And when I started my weight loss journey, I promised myself I'd start eating breakfast. And I tried to make it as palatable as possible, because most mornings all I could choke down was water. So I varied my breakfasts and found good and healthy things to eat, but after a couple of years of forcing myself to eat breakfast, I had to stop. I'm just not hungry in the morning and I don't FEEL like eating. I'm doing good just to get the milk down.

Besides, I'd rather use up my calories on lunch and dinner.
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Ok ... I have to change my last post. I initially said the other day that breakfast makes me sooooooooooo hungry by lunch, so I usually forego it.

Well, after finding out my calorie intake was too low, I decided to add breakfast in anyway. Now, I had been stuck on the same weight for about a week and even though I hadn't cheated, it stayed the same.

For two days I have eaten breakfast. And you know what? Even though I added an extra 250 to 300 calories in my diet ... I finally jumped down the scale and got out of my rut.

So, Breakfast rules! I will always eat breakfast from now on!
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I always wake up hungry. A good breakfast seems to set my rountine for the day. I'm more apt to stay completely on plan when I had breakfast. Now, I do admit that I'm bad to skip lunch or just have a spoon of PB for lunch. A healthy breakfast and dinner seems to keep me full enough without having much for lunch.
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