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My nutritionist outlawed bananas (and other tropical fruit) for me at least while doing weight loss because they are so high-carb. I was seriously bummed because I find a banana much more filling than an apple or an orange. I finally tried a pluot and sorry, but ICK, not for me!
Coconut is another one that seems like it should be very healthy but is high in sugar.
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What is the calorie content of grapes? How many in a single serving?
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Originally Posted by 1TiredGradStudent View Post
I don't know why so many people find it necessary to slam Lean Cuisines. Their new spa line has whole grains and all but one of the varieties have at least a full serving of vegetables. They have a bit more sodium than I would like, but it's still a lot more nutrition than some of the frankenfoods out there that people don't seem to have such a problem with.
A lot of people bash the lean cuisines for sodium content, but many of those same people don't realize some of the foods they consider healthy or eat a lot of are very high sodium as well. Not just pickles, but salsa, cottage cheese, salad dressings, canned veggies, the list goes on. Nearly anything jarred or canned is high in sodium.

One lean cuisine is about the same sodium content as an average plain bagel, 2 cups of cereal, 2TB of many salad dressings, 4TB salsa, or 1/4 tsp table salt.

That's still only HALF the sodium of a typical can of soup, 1/2cup of jarred pasta sauces, or a 6-inch turkey sandwich from Subway (no cheese or dressings). But you rarely hear people go nuts about Subway's high sodium content. :P

It just goes to show anything processed is going to be high in sodium.
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I really do think that whether food is good or bad for a person depends on the context they are eating it. Let's take banana's since they keep getting mentioned (ok, I did some of the mentioning).

Are they more calorie dense than some other fruit choices? I'm willing to believe they are. If you are looking for the lowest calorie option available, they might be a poor choice for you. But... I eat one on my first break, along with a cup of skim milk. This combination is substantial enough to get me to lunch, without being so hungry that I dream of raiding the vending machine. I know from much trial and error that if I didn't eat something about this calorific, I would end up with some potato chips or cheetos or something in my mits. The lower calor pulot would be a bad food for me, in this context.

It really is all about what works for each of us. If we are misinformed or make bad choices, it really isn't the food's fault.
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I know everyone says bananas are filling but they just don't satisfy me. They are like eating air for me; I could eat an whole bunch and feel like I hadn't eaten a thing. Same thing for carrots. I could easily eat two pounds of carrots and I would feel like I hadn't eaten a thing.

Soy beans and fava beans are also dangerous. I love them both but man are they high in calories. Half a cup of soy beans has something like over 200 calories. In just half a cup! Same thing for fava beans. There is no other veggie side-dish that I would put up with 200 calories from (and my veggies sides are normally a lot more than a measely half a cup). Honestly, even my potatoes have to be around 100 calories.
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