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I usually get smart ones. Lean Cuisines cost too much and their portions do not fill me up. I love the Smart Ones Chicken Carbonara and the creamy rigatoni w/ chicken and brocolli. I usually just add a piece of fruit and they pretty much fill me up. Added plus: they usually go on sale at Kroger for 3/$5.
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I stock up on Lean Cuisine when they're 5/$10, but I have a big freezer. I think the spa cuisine line with the whole grains are more filling, but I always add a small salad or a piece of fruit. Or some cottage cheese if it's one that's low in protein. The dinnertime selects are more filling and the garlic shrimp one is really quite good.
I like the SBD frozen dinners - much larger portions of veggies and a LOT of protein.
The Kashi Lime Cilantro shrimp was very good, but they don't go on sale very often.
I didn't like Healthy Choice at all years ago (like gag I couldn't finish one) and I have never tried them again. Some of the Smart Ones are ok, I really like their desserts when I am sugar-starved!
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I used to hate the Healthy Choice ones years ago. Now they are much better, or else my tastes have changed. I still prefer my Amy's Organic but of the 'major low-cal entrees' theirs is the one I like best. I just avoided it for so long because my memories were of bland, bland food.

And on a completely superficial note, I hate the new Lean Cuisine packaging. It's so boring and bland, it makes the food look boring and just turns me, as a consumer, off from buying them. Silly to be affected that much by packaging, and I never considered myself 'packaging sensitive' before, but I just hate how bland and boring they look to me now. Even if the taste is the same.
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Originally Posted by rabidstoat View Post
I used to hate the Healthy Choice ones years ago. Now they are much better, or else my tastes have changed.
No, you're right, the Healthy Choice meals used to kind of suck. They were very bland. They're still not real great tastewise, but they're not as bland as they used to be, at least.

The main thing I hate about Healthy Choice is there's always a ton of water in their veggies. I have to drain them before I can eat them.

The Lean Cuisine packaging doesn't turn me off from buying the meals. I like Lean Cuisine and if I know the food tastes pretty good, I don't care what the package looks like. But I'll agree that boring packaging can turn some people off from buying the product.
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I've been on a big Lean Cuisine kick lately because they were on sale last week here for $1.65 each--can't even buy a kid's Happy Meal for that little I definitely don't judge how filling something will be by the weight of the package--it could be added weight from sauces or white pasta, which won't last long in my tummy. Rather, I choose the meals with the highest amounts of protein I can find. Lean Cuisine's chicken parmesan has 23g protein and is under 300 calories--I find that to be a pretty good deal!

I also don't add any additional foods (no salad or fruit or anything) to my frozen meals. I eat about every 3 hours, and the entree itself is plenty to keep me till my next feeding (my next "feeding?" hehe, I sound like a vampire or something--how appropriate for this time of year ).
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