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  • I just found the best cereal ever!!! Today I was just browsing around the grocery store getting whatever I thought sounded good(sound familiar?) and I saw Kashi GoLean Cereal. It is like the best cereal in the world--it tastes really good, and the nutrition facts are marvelous! You should try it. If anyone else has a good cereal or breakfast item please post it here too.

    Nutrition Facts (per cup w/1/2 cup milk)
    170 calories
    10 g dietary fiber
    13-15 g (?) protein
    1g fat
  • All the Kashi products are SUPER healthy. They have snack bars too and all kinds of stuff.
  • People either REALLY LOVE or REALLY HATE the GoLean. I love it, myself, but it literally makes my fiance throw up. Literally. I've served it twice, and both times it just didn't sit.

    I think its FABULOUS, but some people have very strong opinions that it is -not- good.
  • I've always been disappointed by the Kashi products. They never taste very good to me and they never seem very filling. My favorite cereals are Trader Joe's High Fiber Cereal (that's the name--"High Fiber Cereal,"--it's descriptive, at least) and Flax Plus (the flakes, not the granola), which I also get at Trader Joe's (but I've seen it at Safeway). I also like oatmeal for breakfast.
  • I love Kashi Go Lean! I told someone about it today, and she said, "Oh the one that tastes like cardboard?" Too funny.
  • go lean is great. I love the cardboard-ness of it. I used to like the go lean crunch but now I feel its way to sweet for me so I stick to the go lean. its the only cold cereal that I eat.
    my favorite and most filling is still old school oatmeal. I love it. I put a spoon of pumpkin in it and some cinamin and its like a fall treat but totally healthy.
  • I like GoLean too... sometimes I mix it in with my standard breakfast cereal, frosted mini wheats (the big kind).
  • Kashi rocks my socks!
  • I mix the Go Lean with the Go Lean Crunch. Makes it a little sweeter but not too sweet.

    And I LOVE the Trail Mix Bars.
  • I found Kashi Oatmeal in vanilla creme flavor the other day...OMG it was so good! Its higher-fiber and higher-protein than standard oatmeal, which is what I had been eating (I think it was like 7g fiber and 10g protein). It keeps me full so much longer, and tastes really good! It isn't all oats - its a multi-grain cereal with the kashi 7 grain blend.
  • I like Kashi, but usually eat Fiber One Honey Clusters. It's pretty good, and has a whopping 14 grams if fiber per serving.
  • I love the Go Lean Crunch. And I love the "chewy" granola bars and the "crunchy" bars.
  • I also like the Kashi Good Friends. Can't stand sweetened cereals and puffs and flakes.
  • Probably not the healthiest choice, but I like honey nut chex. Since I hate more than a tablespoon or two of milk on cereal, it works out well for me. For sweet, Corn Pops make me happy.
  • Quote: I found Kashi Oatmeal in vanilla creme flavor the other day...OMG it was so good!
    wow this sounds wonderful! Is this a hot cereal that you cook like oatmeal... or dry cereal? I have really been getting into the porridges lately but have so far stuck with Grizzlies.