Skim Milk

  • Because of the 0 fat content, I have always drank skim milk. But I've noticed that skim milk goes "yukky" faster than 2%. I just don't drink it fast enough and I end up pitching it out, whereas the 2% (that my son drinks) still keeps on hangin' on.

    What about 1%? Maybe if I up the fat content it will last longer? I don't know why skim milk would go bad quicker than 2%, but I was wondering if maybe at least the 1% would stick around a little longer for me.

    Any thoughts? Anyone else have problems with skim milk going bad too fast?
  • Yes
    Skim always goes faster, my sons drink the 2%.
    The fat seems to keep it from going off.
    I now buy skim in quarts and 2% in 1/2 gals.
    Also keep a shelf stable parmalat on hand just in case.
  • I drank skim milk my whole life, but recently decided to switch to 1% because I can drink it in my coffee instead of using half-and-half (skim just makes the coffee gray).

    I didn't know what parmalat was until I just googled it, Bitzy. Thanks for bringing it up ... interesting product!
  • Thanks, girls, I went ahead and got the 1% today. So hopefully it lasts me a little longer than the skim.
  • hmm, I've never had a problem with my skim milk. It never goes bad before the date on the jug and usually is fine for even a few days past that. I usually buy a gallon a week, so it sits in the fridge all week and is still usable come Saturday (I usually shop on Sunday).
  • I drink lactaid skim and becuase of the process used to make it lactose friendly, it keeps longer, there's absolutely no taste difference in my eyes.
  • I have never had any trouble with skim milk either...hmmm, not sure. Its what i have drank my whole life, so i just buy the size according to how many people in the house are drinking it. We rarely throw it out. Also, i buy Horizon Skim Milk. Organic skim seems to last longer. Its a tad pricier but its better than throwing it out.
  • Have you tried the ultra-pasteurized organic skim milk? (See for info on one brand.) It is more expensive but the freshness dates are way longer than for regular milk (I don't think it lasts quite as long once opened, but it should still last longer than regular milk). And organic milk does taste better than regular; even my six-year nephew noticed the difference when he was visiting last month (guess my sister doesn't buy organic for him).

    I pretty much just buy unsweetened soy milk these days and that seems to last a long time. But I just use milk on my cereal, I never drink it by itself (I don't drink beverages with calories unless they also have alcohol and I never liked the taste of milk anyway--horrible memories of being forced to dring a glass of milk every day with dinner as a kid ) so taste isn't that important to me.
  • Before I stopped drinking cow milk, I used to get Purfiltre Milk (not sure if it's in your area, but may be something similar) and it lasted like forever, and always tasted better to me than regular milk, and creamier too, it costs a touch more, but i found it to be worth it for the taste and because even though i was the only one working away at a 2L it never went bad (which says a lot because I hardly ever use milk on its own, I am not a coffee drinker, and don't eat cold cereal often)
  • Thanks for the answers, everyone. And no, I have tried the organic milk or the Purfiltre yet. I don't think I've ever seen the Purfiltre. I've seen the organic, though. Maybe I'll try it sometime. But this last trip to the store, I went ahead and just picked up some 1%. I got so used to drinking skim milk that I'd forgotten what milk was actually supposed to taste like and even compared to the 1% (which is good!) the skim is like drinking cloudy water.
  • Organic milk lasts wayyy longer than the other stuff... I have the opposite problem though, my husband drinks whole milk and I thought the fat in his milk made it go faster. Weird!
  • Maybe I'll try the organic, then, thanks

    I just don't like to drink my calories so I go for the lowest cal/lowest fat milk I can find. That and I watch fats carefully, I don't want to drink my fat, either.