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Allikat 07-19-2006 03:38 PM

Sunflower Seeds?
Hi all, I have a family reunion coming up tomorrow, and I know it is going to be a big oink-fest. I am very, very worried about putting on weight, as it's so hard to be at some place where everybody is eating the good stuff and I have to eat carrots! I was looking at a bag of sunflower seeds, and I'm wondering what you guys think about them. 3/4 of a cups has 160 cals, 14 g of fat (good fat from nuts though)..and 55 mg of sodium, although I don't know if they are adding in the salt from people sucking on the shell! I'm just thinking that 3/4 of a cup could keep my mouth awful busy..instead of scarfing handfuls of chips down. What are your thoughts?

Glory87 07-19-2006 03:58 PM

Dieting isn't just carrots (although carrots and hummus are a pretty tasty combo). Sunflower seeds are a good option.

If I were going to a family reunion, I would be sure to bring a healthy dish that I loved so I would definitely have something to eat. Maybe a healthy whole wheat pasta salad, or veggie burgers for the grill or maybe a piece of salmon for the grill, maybe sliced whole wheat pita and hummus dip or how about a light spinach salad with grilled chicken and sliced strawberries? I would also make sure there was a sweet option I liked - a fruit tray or fresh watermelon. Or angelfood cake with light whipped cream (yeah yeah, transfat, I couldn't ever give up cool whip!) and berries.

There is plenty of "good" stuff that is healthy. Dieting shouldn't be about deprivation.

I would make a rule that I would be allowed one trip to get food and fill my plate 1/2 with healthy food choices (food I brought, and any other healthy food options available). Then, I would allow small 2-3 bite sizes of foods I loved. A dab of potato salad, a small scoop of ambrosia salad, a little cheese. I would still avoid my big "no's"- fried foods, packaged baked goods and soda. Make sure you put all the food you eat on a plate, don't keep reaching for a bag of stuff. It's hard to keep track of how much you're eating that way.

For me, I would plan and BRING food. Healthy eating does not happen by accident.

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