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Default Injectable Marinades

Do you think you could use any marinade as an injectable marinade? Or do you have to stick to the ones marked spcifically "injectable marinade"? What do you think? I think you should be able to use any marinade and it would be fine. Or do you think they would be too strong?
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I'd personally just use whatever marinade I had that I liked. I didn't know there WAS a such thing as "injectable marinades" only.
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Depends. I know I always water down the Lawry's Teriyaki Marinade when I do a stirfry as it's a little strong and thick (and salty!). if I were going to inject it, I would definitely water it down.

So I guess my answer is if it is on the thick side, I would water it down before injecting.
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I agree that it all depends - some marinades are meant to do the job very quickly, and are thus much more potent than others that are designed to marinate meat for hours at a time. For the most part, any marinade should work - as mentioned, you may want to thin it, or even cut down on the amounts of some of the more potent ingredients slightly (soy sauce is a perfect example as it can be overwhelmingly salty if injected all through the meat - something chili-based like sambal oelek is another example, as the intensity of the spice would be really, really strong).

Anything along the lines of a vinaigrette-type marinade will work really well this way.
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