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I just finished one. Romaine and iceberg lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, sugar peas, carrots, egg, chicken, and low-fat blue cheese dressing.
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At least twice a day. *twitches nose like a rabbit*


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I have one almost every night. Leaf lettuce or romaine lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, olives, bacon bits, cheese, salsa ranch dressing mixed with taco sauce. Other ingredients vary depending on what veggies are in the frigde. Nothing fancy, but I look forward to it and it sure helps fill me up.
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hara hachi bu
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I've found a salad at work that is cheap and good (and probably even cheaper to make!). For $4, I get romaine lettuce, about 3 oz cooked chicken, sliced strawberries, and mandarin oranges. They offer a fat-free raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Yum!
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i had salad for lunch all last week. a big bowl of spinach and romaine with broccoli, dried cranberries, black sesame seeds and 1/2 can of tuna drizzled with a tiny bit of liquid aminos and sesame seed oil with some dulse tossed on for good measure (drool).
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I had one tonight also. I bought one from Subway.. Yum!!
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I had one at my favorite salad bar restaurant Sunday (I've gotten really good at keeping it healthy there!).

Tonight I made a small salad with 40 g spinach, 100 g strawberries, 1/2 oz feta cheese, 1 tsp sunflower seeds and a drizzling of an outstanding 12 year aged balsamic vinegar. I do love me my balsamic vinegar!!!
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Thanks Mel for the cartoon reminder
Today I have romaine!
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I have one everyday too...sometimes twice a day..last night I had a really big salad with balsamic vinegar and a tortilla pizza. One of my favorite dinners. My mouth is watering as I type this.
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I have more of a medium sized one most days! Tonight we're going to a bbq where you bring your own meat and a dish to share. I taking a lovely big salad - along with a fresh salmon steak
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The other day I had an amazing garden salad at Joey Tomato's that had dried cranberries and sliced almonds. So...I bought both today when I went grocery shopping. *lol*

I am big on salads, since I don't count vegetables as part of my daily calories and they are just so good!! I experiment alot. I like the idea of boiled egg. For lunch a few weeks ago, I had a seafood salad with the most amazing Italian dressing...I still have to ask them what it's called so I can buy it!

I really like romaine hearts as my lettuce. Then I'll add tomato, cucumber, tuna or salmon, chickpeas...anything that hits me as healthy and tasty. I don't like being bored with my salads, so I'm always looking for variety. For dressing, one of my favorite is simply olive oil & red wine vinegar. Or...even nothing at all...especially if it's topped with something that has mayo in it, like tuna salad or seafood. But I always get TONS of olives. I LOVE olives.
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LInda....with a side of homemade baked lime tortilla chips! Those sound delicious..How did you make them?
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Today I had a Subway Club salad at Subway with one packet of fat free thousand island dressing (50 calories) on it, with some Baked Lays. Was great.
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I usually eat salad at least once a day with dinner - typically spinach with a homemade vinaigrette (love all those vitamins in spinach ).

Now that summer is upon us I'll be eating "summertime" salads more often - things like corn and tomato salad, chopped salads, salads as main courses with grilled chicken, etc.
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There is a restaurant in my town - basically, you pick field greens or romaine lettuces, then pick 7 items (you get a little less than 1/4 cup of each) from a VAST array of toppings (everything from cheeses and nuts to fruits and veggies and beans and croutons...oh my. My favorite combo - red bell pepper, broccoli, kidney beans, carrots, green beans, sometimes corn, and grilled zucchini, on field greens with fresh grilled steak and just one ladle of the reduced fat honey mustard dressing). Then you can top with fresh grilled chicken or steak off their grill (and its a REASONABLE portion! I measured it once when I took it home - under 3 ounces). They grab all your toppings and then toss the salad with the dressing of your choice in these big bowls so everything gets a light coat of the dressing (the tossing is great because if you only get a little dressing, like me, everything still gets coated). So good, and so fresh. Give me a glass of iced tea and my salad, and I'm a happy camper. They also serve these with a small (under 100 calorie - again, I measured - nerd, I know) piece of sourdough bread or foccacia, which is great for mopping up any leftover salad dressing at the end.

This is my go-to "Its too hot to heat up my kitchen cooking" meal - we eat there and get big ol' salads probably once a week.
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