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Default Yogurt?

I usually eat a container of yogurt every morning for breakfast. Lately I have been trying to find one that is lower in calories, but does not contain aspertain. So I found a few that use Splenda, but I have also not heard good things about that either. What kind of yogurt do you eat?
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I eat plain yogurt and add my own sliced fruit. I look for a low fat, organic yogurt with a high number of yogurt cultures (better for your gut). My current 2 favorites are Horizons Organic Fat Free Plain and Fage 2% Greek Yogurt (I buy it at Trader Joe's). The Greek yogurt is a little more spendy, but I love the texture, it's like a thick cool whip. I love Greek yogurt, fresh blackberries and a tiny bit of dark honey. I would much rather eat honey than fake sweeteners - I try to avoid chemicals as much as possible.

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I eat Archer Farms Non-Fat yogurt, which is the Target house brand. It is sweetened with Sucralose. I used to eat the Yoplait Light which is sweetened with Aspartame, and it has HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP in it! I am trying to get away from eating that whenever I can. Which is hard because it's in everything! Even whole wheat bread!
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I ususally eat Cascade Fresh Non Fat (sweetened with fruit juice concentrate) or non fat brown cow (sweetened with naturally milled sugar)

I don't do much in the way of foods with fake sugar aside from the occasional diet pop.
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I'm kind of a dork about my yogurt. I buy plain 2% yogurt and plain nonfat yogurt and mix them (for 1% yogurt, it's usually cheaper than buying 1%). I eat about a cup for breakfast with fruit, a sprinkle of cereal, and a tablespoon of nuts. I don't typically add sweetener, but when I did add sweetener I used Stevia, which is a natural alternative to artificial sweeteners.

I've tried making yogurt before, but it always turned out more runny than I like it. But I also haven't tried using an official yogurt maker, either.
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I'm another fruit and plain yogurt eater. Fat free plain yogurt and various frozen fruits mixed together is what I eat. Sometimes I also mix in a little cottage cheese.
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I usually get plain low-fat Silk brand cultured soy, or ďsoygurtĒ as I like to call it. I blend it with fruit or use it to make smoothies. At 140 cals/cup itís very comparable to plain dairy yogurt and a great way to get some extra soy protein in your diet. Other than the odd diet soda at a restaurant or something I try to stay away from most artificial sweetener. Iíve tried the powdered stevia but really disliked the licorice-like aftertaste. Iíve heard the liquid extract stevia is better than the powder in that regard but thatís too rich for my blood! For my non-sugar sweetening needs I use Perfect Sweet:
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i eat dannon's fit n' light non-fat yogurt made with splenda!
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I like ff plain with fruit that I add.

Tip: if you want the thick Greek-style yogurt, put some cheesecloth in a strainer over a bowl, fill with yogurt and leave overnight in fridge - there will be a ton of liquid in the bowl, and rich-tasting yogurt the consistency of soft cream cheese in the morning. Even makes ff yogurt taste rich. (it does of course concentrate the calories).

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