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Default Ideas Needed: Non-Perishables @ Work

I've found one of the keys to my success at work is to have a few 'healthy options' at work, so I'm not tempted by the various restaurants and vending machines. I've typically kept the following items at my desk so if I am truly hungry I have something I can eat that won't throw off my daily nutrition:

Roasted, salted soybeans
Dried fruit/nut mixes
Ryvita Fruit Crunch crackers
A pack of oatmeal

The resources we have available are a refrigerator, a microwave, and boiling water.

Does anybody have any other suggestions?
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I would buy some laughing cow or babybel light cheeses for the fridge and some fat free, high fiber crackers for your desk. When you need a snack, you can have 3 Ak-Mak Whole Wheat Sesame crackers with a wedge of laughing cow cheese for just about 100 calories, and you can easily adjust the portion to how many calories you have available or how hungry you are (my afternoon snack is usually this, and I have 4 crackers and 2 cheese wedges, which is about 150, because I get hungrier in the afternoon.
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Your foods sound good but the soybeans and dried fruits and nuts can add too many calories if you're not careful--
I prefer snacks that are lower in calories

sugar free pudding & jello in individual cups
baby carrots
fresh fruit such as apples, pears oranges
small cans of fruit---I use the no sugar added type
small bags of popcorn ---I check the label for lowest calorie and lowest fat
sliced squash (summer and zucchini) with a fat free ranch dip
boiled eggs ---I usually just eat the egg white for high protein, low fat
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I usually have yogurt, a hard boiled egg and/or string cheese in the frig here at work. In my desk is an emergency can of soup and a package of microwave pop corn.

That reminds me, we just bought a new car and I haven't stocked the glove box with a couple protein bars yet
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