If you need a pizza fix...

  • If anyone misses pizza in their diet like I do, you may want to try a lower calorie version that I make at home for me and my son-it's also cheap!
    1 lowfat english muffin split ( I toast them before I put them in the oven so they are a little crunchy) 100 calories
    4T spaghetti sauce (2T on each) mine was 45 cals
    2t Romano-fresh grated, you dont have to add, but I love this cheese so it goes on everything! (1t on each) 35 cals
    2T mozzarella (1T on each) 65 cals ( I used cheddar jack cuz I didnt have mozz.)
    I also added fresh tomatoes, a mushroom on each and a thin slice of onion on each piece...baked at 300 degrees for 10-15 minutes. You could add a couple pieces of turkey pepperoni or ham or whatever.

    They are approximately 125 cals for each piece.
    You will be pretty full off the whole muffin for only 250 calories, add a salad and you have a low calorie dinner!
    Enjoy ladies.

    This sounds great and I AM a pizza FANATIC!!!

    Have a GREAT weekend!
  • Great idea...from a bona-fide PIZZAHOLIC!!!

    Thanks for the tip!

  • I don't understand why you guys just don't eat regular pizza!! It's actually a very healthy meal! I eat it at least once a week and it has never affected my weight!
  • Yum! I love the pizza recipe. I like it because you can control so many factors - whole-wheat English muffin, low-fat cheese, different toppings - and it's a good single-person recipe!

    Usually when I order pizza, I stick to vegetable toppings, add extra sauce, and do a thin crust. If I'm feeling particularly strong, I ask for light cheese. (like, hardly ever)
  • If I ate just 2 pieces of "regular" pizza I would add 500-600 plus calories! And I know I wouldnt be able to stop at 2, I just dont have the willpower built up like that yet. I don't know how everyone else feels about it, but I would rather be in control of what my food consists of rather than other people who don't care how I look in the mirror!!!
  • Fabulous recipee!
    This pizza recipee is awesome. I tried it with the tofu pepperoni slices, and it was still fabulous! I have given it to all my friends and family and they all enjoy it and have used various toppings.
  • Yummo recipe thanks...We also make pizza with wholemeal lavash flat bread... comes out super crispy and tastes great.
  • I would NEVER be able to stop if I ordered a Pizza. I can't even order a single slice because it trips my addiction, I swear!

    My at home versions are much more controlable. We buy fresh pizza dough from the grocery store, then really thin it out on a cookie sheet, dress lightly with olive oil, and we either eliminate the cheese altogether or use soy mozzerella - then adorn with all fresh veggies and bake. The best are canned in water artichoke hearts!

  • Hi - I also use a whole wheat pita and bake a few minutes then add whatever toppings I chose. Very good & filling.
  • I've made it with whole wheat tortillas or whole wheat flatbread! YUM! Actually had this for dinner last night with broccoli & cauliflower on it. LOVED IT!

    I do agree about not being able to stop. We ordered pizza in last week and I had four pieces Home-made works best for me
  • mmmm.. I love pizza recipes! I try it with everything. I buy whole wheat flat bread and make pizza on those too. Thanks for the recipe! Gonna have to pick up some muffins today!
  • Mmmm. I make pita pizzas with whole wheat pita pockets and Hormel Turkey Pepperoni. It has 70% less fat that regular pepperoni. I don't have the nutrition info in front of me, but it's something close to 75 calories for 16-18 pieces. If I put 6 pieces on my pizza, it only adds a few calories and makes me feel like I'm being very naughty since I loooove pepperoni.
  • You can also use Portabella mushroom tops as the base for a mini-pizza, instead of a pita or English muffin. I have done that before and it is really good.