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Old 05-07-2005, 05:17 PM   #16  
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Aw, when I saw the title of this thread I thought I would get to indulge in some ultra mature discussion... though I did think that it was rather odd that it would be in the food section. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
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Oh, tealeaf, this is mature - we get to use sharp knives and fire!!

I like fast recipes with a lot of taste and flavor. I have an ever expanding list of favorites and I am constantly experimenting. I don't mind planning, shopping or prep time including chopping and marinating, but once I get started on assembly I want it done in 30 minutes or less (not too demanding, am I?).
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I'm a quickie chickie like Mel. Food USED to be a huge source of pleasure in my life: reading and collecting recipes, preparation, beautiful presentation, and of course - eating it. No more. I found that I had to switch gears and think of food as fuel and not a source of pleasure in order to lose (and keep off) the weight. Now it's about as plain and basic as it gets and that's just fine with me. If I ever find myself eating for the taste of something rather than the nutrition, then I know I'm in trouble. Cooking's simply another chore, about as exciting as cleaning the bathroom. I know it's not that way for everyone, but after four years of weight loss and maintenance, that's the way it is for me.
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Old 05-09-2005, 09:18 AM   #19  
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I get satisfaction by taking a lot of time to prepare something that tastes as good as a chef-prepared meal. I also enjoy making something I once thought was "too hard" or "too complicated".

I think a lot of people sort of revere their parents and grandparents as these "Awesome" cooks.. and I sort of do the same. I want to someday be as good at making authentic Italian cuisine as my dad and his family... I want to be as good as my mother at baking and making not only good food, but good for you food. Even now my mother sends me recipes from Cooking Light, etc cause she knows I'd rather eat healthier.

I remember the day I made an apple pie for the first time - homemade rolled out dough and everything..and it was great! I felt like I could do anything!

However, reality check. I have 2 young boys and a boyfriend to feed everyday and every other weekend we get his kids - so 4 boys and a grown man to feed. And I'm just not going to take as long to make dinner every day as I sometimes might like to. So fast and easy is also very important to me. I only work part-time right now, so things arent as hectic as they used to be when I was full-time, but its still busy enough on most days to prevent me from being the Mrs. Cleaver mom
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Bewitchin' in the kitchen
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Gee, now that you have my attention! Nice title for this thread

I prefer recipes that can be cooked in about 30 - 45 minutes with simple ingredients that I don't have to run all over town to try and find.

On the weekend when I have more time I will indulge in a more complicated recipe but during the week I need to stay within the 30 - 45 minute range.
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Old 05-09-2005, 02:19 PM   #21  
I can do this!
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I love food. And I like it to be good and worth my while. I've always liked to eat sitting down with a knife and fork, with the food at the right temperature. I'm known for getting up in the middle of the meal to microwave my food if it's gotten too cold.

So, I don't snack during cooking (unless I'm stepping away for 20 mins while things simmer...then I'm tempted), and I love long recipes...the longer the better! I work until 6 p.m. but I'll spend 3 hours in the kitchen after that if that's what it takes to make a good meal.

That said, there are nights where we have a lot going on and I don't have the luxury of time. Still, I'd rather have a good recipe than something with five ingredients that tastes bland. You know?
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Old 05-10-2005, 06:31 PM   #22  
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Red face

I always ALWAYS mess up recipes that have more than 5 or 6 SIMPLE ingredients!
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I don't mind long and slow if its someone else doing most of the work , but if its ME in the kitchen, I need it to be quick. My life is so busy with work, kids, cheering, track, gym, etc. that I need to put the meal together quick, sling it on the table, eat and then get on to the next thing. The quicker meals are also easier to teach the crew how to prepare. AND, the longer I am in the kitchen the more I want to rummage through the crew's junk food cabinet and eat their lunchbox stuff.

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geeky pagan chick
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Nine days out of ten I'm in a time crunch and have to keep it short and simple. A couple times a month though, I love to cook something fancy and time consuming

My day to day meals are either quick things like salads, wraps and stirfries, or crock pot soups and stews that I slow cook overnight, refrigerate in the morning and reheat for dinner when I get home from work.
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it's always something
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Your replies have been very interesting! I expected to get responses about not having time to cook, or cooking was always a hobby, etc. I see that sometimes, the time spent preparing a meal seems to have more to do with your relationship with food than the food itself. I hadn't counted on that. I find my own relationship with food is changing, but it's because I'm spending more time in the kitchen. When I spend more time preparing meals, I think more about what is actually in them, and experiment to make them healthier, without giving up complex flavors or textures.

With so many different needs and approaches to food, no wonder there isn't a "one size fits all" diet.

Thanks, everyone, for your replies!
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I love using my crockpot and electric grill. I just don't want to spend that much time in the kitchen with food. Don't trust myself. lol One of my daily meals will be a huge salad. I also like making soups or chili. Love leftovers... With the warm weather, we'll be doing more BBQ.
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When I spend a lot of time in the kitchen the food is good, but then I want to eat more of it. I like the quick and easy except for crock pot cooking and special occasion cooking. Love the title, it made me stop and take a look.
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Taking care of me.
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You know, Linda Howard had a line like this in Dying to Please and it didn't matter to the hero what the answer to the question was.

It's been so long since I've been in the kitchen that I'm not sure how to answer. One of my hobbies is reading cookbooks and I mark the recipes I'd like to try. One of the notes I make is if I think the recipe is time consuming. When I start cooking again, I may try those recipes but they probably won't be at the top of my list.

For me, it's the cleaning up after I'm done that's the pain, not the time involved or the number of ingredients. I'm one of those people who dirty up every dish in the kitchen while I'm cooking and I hate to wash dishes but don't like dishwashers.

Personally, I love soups and stews so if it can be thrown in a crock pot to simmer away, great. I guess for me, if the hands-on time is short, it's a good thing.
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on my off days i have been known to spend the whoel day in the kitchen. i cook for the whole week so i am not tempted to eat junk. i absolutely love cooking, being around food, talking about food, trying out new recipes, and sharing my talent with others. i find that the more i hone my skils, the healthier i eat, and the more i enjoy food in moderate ammounts. i will own a bed and breakfast witha restraunt before i die.
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I love to spend time in the kitchen, trying new recipes. I'm a big foodie. I'm slowly getting over the urge to taste everything I cook though.
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