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Question Any New Food

Has anybody found anything new and exciting?

Here are a few of mine some may not be new but I just found out about them:

Nature's own has a new bread, looks like 1pt per slice... cinnamon and maple is what I saw... looking for the cranberry raisin.

Done Right dressing to go packs (10 per box) only found the ranch 2pts
looking for the 1pt italien.

Eddy's sugar free/fat free vanilla 1 pt Very YUM! (latlely I've been buying the frozen mixed berry fruit also 1pt and putting it over it)

Sugar free jello(w/splenda) pudding 1pt YUM YUM and even though it isn't fat free its good the fat free one's are 2pts.

1pt cheese slices, kraft fat free and 2% all different kinds, cheddar, swiss & peperjack.

Looking forward to hearing what you are eating
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it's always something
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Great idea for a thread!!

Carbdown Flatout Bread! I'm not into low carb diets, but this giant flatbread only has 110 calories (half the calories of their regular variety) and a whopping 15 grams fiber, and they taste good They have several new flavors out.

I eat regular, full fat cheeses, but I choose the ones with stronger flavors, and eat less of them. I always keep a chunk of good quality parmesan and grate it fresh when needed, and it only takes a tiny bit to add a big punch of flavor. Stronger cheddar and aged swiss are also good in small quantities.

Grape tomatoes Ok, not a new food, lol, but I'm always finding new uses for them I love them in salads, squashed on pizza, roasted in the oven, in seafood dishes, etc. I'm hooked on them!

Frozen South Beach Diet Pizza. Small, but mighty! Each has less than 300 calories, but around 30 grams protein and 14 grams fiber.
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Nothing Special

But a whopping sandwich.

For Crunch, Cucumbers/Lettuce one slice of Ham and 1 slice of cheese on regular bread, approx 286 Calories "low Fat mayo"!

The cucumber in the sandwich makes it taste and feel fuller despite the 1 slice ham and cheese.

Make your own ice cream.

The South Beach Diet Ricotta Dessert and Freeze!!!
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Originally Posted by cbeckett
Has anybody found anything new and exciting?

Done Right dressing to go packs (10 per box) only found the ranch 2pts
looking for the 1pt italien.
yes! I believe these were designed specifically to make my life easier.

I also tried the new Ultra Lean Pockets (supreme pizza) and YUM! 200cal/6g fat/7g fiber so 4pts each or if you are REALLY hungry (me! ) 2 for only 8 pts! Very tasty!
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The new Weight Watcher candies-made by Whitman's are fabulous and only one point for a great piece of chocolate-I bought them at Wal-Mart.

I also have been eating alot of the Starkist chunk white tuna with alot of shredded lettuce, grape tomatoes, onions and miracle whip lite. YUM!
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Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches. They are really good, come in a variety of flavors, 130 calories and 98% fat free. They are big so one always does the trick and I never feel like I've been cheated out of a treat or wasted calories on some itty bitty something that didn't satisfy me anyway.
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If I don't belong to WW, how can I learn to look at a product & figure out the point value like willowgirl did in the above post?
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If anyone is looking for more fiber and calcium Dannon has a yogurt now with fiber in it in three flavors. Taste great.
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low fat cottage cheese mixed with walnuts or pineapples...even a little jell-o in it. yummy
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