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Default Best Drink Choices

Hi everyone!

I am currently working on a 'food & drink list' - a quick and easy guide I can take with me wherever I go, so I know what to eat or drink. The idea is to not have to think, because I am very easily overwhelmed and almost always make bad choices. Everything that I'm "allowed" to have will be on this great list. It's something new, as I'm desperate - I think I need these rules to get me started then once I've lost some weight and gained control of myself, I'll be able to losen up a bit and not make so many things "illegal".
I've been doing a lot of research, and am trying to come up with a very healthy and easy to follow list, where I can't go wrong.

Anyway... today I was working on the beverage section, as it seemed like the easiest to complete.
Was wondering if I can get some feedback? This is what I have so far -

Allowed all the time:

Lemon/Lime water (from 100% juice)
Herbal teas, especially green, hot or cold

Some of the time:

100% cranberry juice (for my urinary tract, I'm prone to UTI's)
100% pineapple juice, prune juice, orange juice and apple cider
1% chocolate milk
skim milk
low fat/sugar soy milk
crystal light
diet V8

Meal replacements:

slimfast optima
homemade fruit slushies/smoothies
protein shakes

After really hard workout:


Sound good so far? Can anyone come up with some additions? The idea is to not get bored, feel like I have a range of beverages to choose from while at the same time, getting very few calories from liquids (unless using a meal replacement)

Do you think I'm on the right track?

I'm trying to get over a Coca Cola and Vanilla Cappuccino addiction. I need to stay away Coke... I don't want to drink any of the diet varieties because I want to stay away from sodas all together. I think I may have a soft spot for sugar.

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any input!!
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Okay here's some ideas..

flavored waters, sparkling waters, plain water with a slice of lemon or lime to give it some more flavor, seltzer water with a bit of flavoring
sugarfree/light lemonade
unsweetened apple cider
sugarfree hot cocoa
fresh-squeezed juice - my mother likes juice but she squeezes her own and then waters it down a bit so its not high in calories and cuts down on the acid. You can buy light OJ and low-acid OJ as well. You mentioned cranberry juice - they do also make light cranberry juices.

non-sweet iced tea - Chili's has a blackberry tea I especially like that barely needs any sweetener. I'm not sure about the calories of the blackberry they add to it, but I'm sure its just a flavoring and you could ask to see what it is.
Iced tea might help fight off certain cancers, arthitis, etc or so some studies suggest

You can also make iced herbal teas like spiced teas, green teas, etc. I love iced green tea, myself.

I love coke too.. I replace these as a special treat now and then if I drink all my water for the day and am still thirsty. I'll let myself have a diet cherry coke or a diet ginger ale. Something that's not what I'm used to drinking, so I dont miss the taste and crave the original, but its also not high in sugar.

Good luck I hope some of this helps.
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