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Default How bad IS pizza?

I usually make frozen pizza a few times a week when I lose track of time and forget to start dinner at a decent hour. Do you think this is the reason I'm barely losing weight?
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if only she'd lose weight
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I would look at your overall eating, not just this.

I think you can fit ANY food in, just in moderation. So a slice or two of frozen pizza & a huge salad & piece of fruit & some milk to drink would be a good dinner.
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There are quite a lot of calories in pizza, I think other ready meals can be more satisfying per calorie. I don't know about you but I'd find it hard just having 1 slice!
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Default homemade pizza

You can always make your own pizza to better control the calories, etc that go into it.

My kids and I just made english muffin pizza for lunch! yum! I can then control how much cheese and toppings go on it and I'm telling you they were better than the real thing And it only took 8 min in the oven, you cant get much faster than that and the kids had a BALL making their OWN pizzas. It was good family time AND quick

I'm definitely doing this again for dinner.. especially when my bf's boys are over who are allergic to dairy. That way they can have their own pizzas with no cheese and no cross-contamination issues and everyone ends up happy.
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I also make my own pizza, using bread dough for the crust & a sprinkling of really old cheddar along with peppers, mushrooms etc - I find with a sharp cheese, I can get away with a lot less of it.
Don't be fooled by "thin crust is better" thinking - read the ingredients / nutritional info. I can turn my crust from thick to thin crust without changing a single ingredient or adjusting a single amount, just depending on how many times I let the dough rise. The reason that pizza places are pushing thin crust is 1) people think it must be lower carb because it looks like there is less of it and 2) it can be a little faster to cook, especially if they reduce the amount of water and increase the amount of oil (yickes!).
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Pizza is one of my most favorite foods. We usually go to Little Ceasars here in town and what I do, which is probably NOT good is peel off all the cheese and pepperoni MMMmmm and put it on the crust only and eat it. I am saving myself SOME calories by not eating all the bread in the slice, just the crust. But I am weak when it comes to cheese, I can not and will not ever give up cheese. And even with eating cheese I am losing weight, probably because I dont eat it in excess.
But anything in moderation is ok to eat. You cant deprive yourself, you just cant.
What is the point in living if you cant enjoy your life? Life shouldnt be about denying yourself simple pleasures, but we do need to have control over the food. We are stronger than it is
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I think the key is to make sure you count everything you eat. For example you can't decide to cut down on everything apart from chocolate, you have to eat everything in moderation.
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At least, count everything for a few weeks, until you get to know how many calories your "regular" brands etc are - you don't have to spend the rest of your life writing every little thing down (although a "checkup" once in a while might have been a good idea, considering what I gained without really realizing it!)
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You should eat Lean Cuisine pizza's. They're actually really good and good for you. YOu might have to eat something else with it, b/c those things never fill me up, but i do know that they are better than regular frozen pizzas!
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working off those pounds
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i absolutely wouldn't doubt it...have you looked at the calorie content of those frozen pizzas? furthermore, have you seen the SERVING SIZE? it's usually something absurd like 1/6 of a pizza (come on, who can feel satisfied with 1/6 of a frozen store bought pizza? not me).

one easy way to not lose/gain weight is to eat all that prepared sort of food..they are usually so packed with fat and calories, and not always very satisfying, so they're actually a poor alternative for a COUPLE of reasons.
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Pizza doesn't have to be bad for you. I just threw together a quick pizza for lunch: 1/4 tsp olive oil brushed on a whole wheat flatbread. 1 cup of homemade marinara sauce (leftover from earlier in the week, but you could use jarred sauce), roasted eggplant, spinach, and reduced fat mozzarella on top. I'm stuffed and happy because not only was my lunch delicious, but it satisfied a pizza craving and had tons of vegetables.
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it's always something
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So many great ideas and advice! I'm also a pizzaholic. I usually make my own pizza, and make the crust from scratch. I pat out individual pizza crusts and par-bake them, then freeze them. I top my pizza with things like grilled vegetables, porcini mushrooms, spinach, roasted red bell peppers, roasted garlic, fresh tomatoes, etc. If I use a sauce, it's usually crushed tomatoes that I season with herbs. I don't use mozzarella cheese at all. Sometimes I'll add a few dots of ricotta or goat cheese. Right before it's done, I'll add freshly grated parmesan, sometimes I use a vegetable peeler to slice off slivers of parmesan for it. Just enough to hold the toppings in place when I pick it up. I also like pizza cooked on a grill. Since I'm light on the cheese, most of the calories are in the crust. As long as I control the size of my crust, then I can control the overall calories. All the veggies make it guilt free
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Hey Suzanne,

Your pizza sounds delicious! I think it might be worth the drive from NYC

We could eat pizza and exchange "war" stories and then hop on your new treadmill to work off the pizza!
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Here's my healthier version - I like it much better than frozen pizza and almost prefer it to store bought!

Take 1 Whole Wheat Pita, spread 1-2 tablespoons of pizza sauce on it. Sprinkle sauce with garlic salt and red pepper (to taste), top with 1/4 cup mozzarella cheese (I use full fat because it only has 6 grams or so if you use appropriate serving sizes) and your choice of protein and vegetables. Bake at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes.

Fast, easy, and yummy!!!
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Yeah, like all things it's a question of moderation really, I LOVE pizza and eat it about twice a month, it depends on the toppings and if you have a salad with it I see no harm there
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