Best chicken in the universe!!

  • Okay, so I made this last night for company, and it ROCKED. I served it with mashed sweet potatoes and sauteed green beans and onions.

    Chicken breasts stuffed with Feta and Prociutto

    6 chix breasts
    1 pkg feta cheese (I really liked the mediterranean with olives and dried tomatoes)
    6 slices prociutto
    egg wash (whites + water)
    olive oil
    saute pan
    sheet tray

    Okay, so butterfly the breasts so they look like hearts, and then lay them underplastic wrap and pound them flatter with a meat mallet, peanut butter jar, etc. Don't tear them by pounding too hard! Season w/salt and pepper, then put a slice of prociutto and some of the feta in each one. Put egg wash around the edges, and then fold the top piece back over again in the original shape. dredge in flour carefully, shake off extra and saute in pan and olive oil until browned on each side. When they are all browned, put them in a 350 oven for about 12 min until the chicken is cooked through.

    I made a sauce to go with it, (shallots, chicken stock, a little bit of cream, lemon juice and salt) and it was the best ever. I never want plain chicken breasts again! The feta did a really nice thing, it was sharp and creamy, and it was really good with the prociutto.

    Hope you all like it!
  • Mmmmm, sounds good!!!