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Default How can I eat those great looking snacks

I think that i would do so much better on this journey for weight loss if I could eat raw veggie. When I see them at a party or some thing like that I always say they look so good and fresh but when I try to taste one I can not even swallow them. Dose anyone have any suggestion. I will try about anything .

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Hmmmmm..... Well I like mustard myself, b/c it's tangy and kinda overpowers the bland taste of veggies. There is always fat free dressing of your choice, Walden Farms makes a variety of sugar/fat/calorie free dressings that you can pick up at Kroger or maybe Walmart.
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I used to have a hard time eating veggies but now I eat them all the time all day long.

I would recommend starting with veggies that you do like. If you are having a problem eating them raw, try steaming them until they are barely cooked. Also, cheese makes everything better so if you are still having a tough time, try adding just a little low fat cheese on top of cooked veggies, zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower.

I love tzatziki or hummus with my raw veggies, it is quite nice. Also you can mix in veggies with your regular dishes to veggie them up.

I hope this helps some.
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I like vegetables a lot, but I'm still not very fond of raw vegetables, except shredded in a salad. Oh, I eat 'em, but they're not my first choice. So, if you don't care for raw, then cook them as nelie said! Not only steamed, but stir-fried in just the smallest bit of olive oil. Be VERY careful with dips/toppings, many are fine if you eat a tablespoon but not so fine if you have a lot more. For flavor, I like lemon juice or vinegar -- they're light and they help me retrain my palate, teaching me that something can be good and have a fresh, crisp taste and not covered in creamy/fatty glop.
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I, like mugirl, use Walden Farms dressings on all of my raw veggies. These dressings taste great, and they are FF, no calories,and sugar free! I never cared much for raw veggies until I discovered this great dressing. And there are sooo many different ones to choose from. My favorite one is the honey mustard dijon, which I use on carrots, celery, and even raw bell pepper. These raw veggies satisfy my desire for something crunchy to eat. It takes time, but with time and trying different dressings and dips, I am sure you can develop a taste for raw veggies.
Good luck=CAROL
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i put soy sauce on everything. raw veggies are no exeception. raw veggies upset my stomach so i keep my intake to a minimum but when i feel like eating them i just dip them in a little soy sauce. it makes it feel like a more substantial snack for me. and a little goes a very long way.
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Thanks everyone for the good suggestion I will try to pick up some of those dressings this weekend.
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I'm not much for raw vegetables either. My latest way to get them in is buying the Broccoli slaw in the premade salad section of the grocery store and adding Jimmy's fat free cole slaw dressing. I can eat a big cup for relatively little calories and still get some "yucky" vegetables in.

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