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Default Truck Stop Food

Hi guys, I think rdegneau's question deserves a whole new thread all by it's own - I bet many have struggled with this or similar problems, trying to find a way to eat healthy with little or no time to prepare your meals. I copied part of the the original post:

Originally Posted by rdegneau
new guy on the block, i'll chime in here. would like to be told what to eat meal by meal as I don't have time to plan and menus just confuse me. I work a 14 hour day seven days a week. Now that sounds terrible but I pace myself with short breaks here and there. I travel 99.9% delivering big trucks all over u.s. and canada.
I'm currently floating around 235, 240 high about 245 . weight varies up and down week to week. I get in 3 to 8 hours of hard labor 2 to 4 times a week. the rest of my time is spent behind the wheel. I manage to walk as much as time will alow. What I really need is to get a list of all food, check what I like and don't like and present it to a profesional.Have a meal plan drawn up to fit truckstop and airport food. Hey thats a heck of an idea. do you think that might work? ...
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I have a few suggestions when it comes to tackling this problem. Some years ago I was working very long hours and living alone then I simply did not take the time to run to the store in a short break at work, buy the good stuffs, and even less cooking any meal after a 12 to 16 hours work day. (Besides that grocery stores here close at around 7pm, so go figure how much chance you have to stock up your fridge if you are working late)

Anyway, here is something that worked for me, at least for getting some weight loss going:

* Drink lots of water. Drink lots of water. Drink lots of water. Drink lots of water. At least a gallon a day. Oh, did I mention that I did drink lots of water?

* I'm a coffee addict - one of the things I did very very long ago was getting myself used to unsweetened coffee. I also tried to give up softdrinks almost completely, normal softdrinks contain an unbelieveable amount of sugar, in the "diet" or sugar fre soft drinks there is so much sweetener which is calorie free of course, but the sweet taste triggers insuline production in your body and basically over long time messes up your metabolic reaction to carbohydrate intake. So, back to the "lots of water" rule and I reduced my diet coke intake drastically.

* Over here peiople eat lots of pork. And more pork. And they have found incredibly many ways to make pork taste exceptionally fandabulousssss. I had to change my meat choices to mainly turkey and chicken and beef sometimes (the leaner the better) I overall reduced my meat intake to very small portions every day (around two ounces or less) and eat more carbohydrates (mainly rice and noodles)

* I never could do the fruit-or-veggie-inbetween-snacks, frankly, I'm not much a fruit eater at all, but I tried to get at least a glass of orange or grapefruit juice a day. I love salads though and I was sticking with lots of salads in my meals and even in between, never bothered about using fat free dressings, just small amounts of dressings and cutting fat intake with reducing meats and gravy and mostly keeping away from processed meat.

At last my diet has changed during the last months, luckily I don't have to go for premade food because my wife cooks fabulously AND healthy.

I do not know if any of the ideas I mentioned help you finding a better way to eat but if there is something that works for you I would love to hear what and how. The best of luck to you with your endeavor, I am sure you will find the perfect diet for your situation and lifestyle.

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thanks Alex. I feel really encouraged just hearing from you.
I would never figured our how to start thread.
I am addicted to water. I always have a bottle on me and at the price today, thats something . $6. to $8 a gallon if you buy 20 onces at a time. so I buy a gallon for a lot less and refill as I go.
Of coarse I can't fly with a gallon of water so I have to buy small bottles enroute. I am a big fruit eater but apples oranges and banannas are about the only thing available in truckstops, and usually the quality sucks. Working on that. Well I have to get rolling now. I don't think the motel I am staying at tonight has internet and I will be stuck all week end there as the dealer won't take trucks until Monday, So my next challange is to get through the weekend without screwing up my diet. At least I get to walk a lot and I have a chance to build my food list and I get home next week so I will try to get in to dietician. thanks again As we say on the road keep the shiney side up
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Perhaps you could get a fresh bag of apples to keep in your truck, since they last a while at room temp. You could eat one about 15 minutes before your meal to signal to the brain to start the 'satisfied' feeling. Same thing with those little tetrapaks (like small juice boxes - no refrigeration needed) of skim milk, have one before a meal.
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Default Taking meals with you

I teach a full college load in two days a week, including night class, so I pack a cooler with an entire day's worth of food--sometimes 15 hours worth--so I don't have to waste money, time or my waist.

First, take one of those blue frozen cooler packs. I wrap mine in a plastic bag in case of condensation.

Then I pack usually one or two "meals," like leftovers--have you tried pasta salad? It doesn't need reheating, and you can even make them from mixes--or a can of soup or a frozen entree or a sandwich.

Then I add sides and snacks--usually a few whole grain crackers (I like RyeCrisp or Bistro Rye crackers), a cheese stick, a yogurt, baby carrots, some fruit like apples, oranges, a baggie of cherries, a tub with a cut up peach, grapes, etc. I also like taking a baggie with raw veg and squirting a little creamy dressing in there and squishing it around to make a "salad."

Don't forget beverages. I use one of those break-resistant plastic water bottles (Naglene is one brand) that came with an insulating sleeve. Besides that, I usually pack a couple of sodas in case I want something sweet or some carbonated water. Maybe a bottle of diet V-8 Splash or regular V-8.

And I usually pack a little treat--maybe some meringue cookies, a sugar free chocolate bar. That way I'm set and ready for any continengies.

Good luck out there.
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