Help Need Recipe Fast

  • Does anyone know of a good dessert recipe. Something cold not hot. I can remember one with strawberries and cool whip and some type of cake that is the one I would like. I think its a weight watchers recipe. If anyone could help please let me know. Need it before the 4th of April.

    Thanks in advance for any help given.

    Have a good day or night whenever you are reading this.

  • I have two good recipes, one I know is a WW recipe, but not sure of the points. It is a pineapple angel food cake. Take an angel food cake mix and stir in one can of crushed pineapple. Then pour in prepared pan and bake as you would a regular angel food cake. YUMMY!
    Another one I make is a jello cake. I make a plain white cake (sub applesauce, unsweetened for the oil) and while it is cooling I take sugar free strawberry jello (one large box or 2 small) and add to the appropriate amount of boiling water. Poke holes in the cake with a skewer or whatever is handy. Some poke all the way to to bottom, others only partway. Then pour the jello over the top of the cake while still liquid. Place in freezer to cool and solidify. Cut up fresh strawberries and place on top of cooled cake and then top with fat free cool whip. I especially like making this a layer cake by having two round cake pans and then placing the strawberries between the layers and frosting all around with cool whip. HTH!
    BTW, the jello cake can be done with blueberries also, I have even done one blueberry, one strawberry in a layer, and then had a mixture of berries between.