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Default Need new food!

Hi everyone, hope everything is going well. I'm getting bored as **** in the food department and was wondering what other people eat for breakfast and lunch mainly. Lunch is usually at my desk while I work so if anyone has any ideas for that it would be great. Thanks! -Melissa
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What kind of eating plan are you on? That might help us to give you some better ideas.
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Default What's for breakfast and lunch?

How about a WW Muff & Egg?

1 low fat english muffin (trader Joe's has them) (2 pts)
1/4 cup eggbreaters (1 pt)
1 Morning Star 'Sausage' Patty (1 point)
1 slice Kraft 2% cheese (1 pt)

Cook eggbeaters in omelet pan sprayed with Pam. Toast english muffin. Heat 'sausage' patty. Put cooked eggbeaters on 1/2 english muffin, top with 'sausage' and cheese, cover with other 1/2 english muffin and eat!

5 points total.

Or how about:

Fry 1 cup O'Brady frozen hashbrowns (with peppers and onions (1 pt)
in a Pam coated pan. Add 1/2 cup eggbeaters (1 pt) Finish cooking in oven.
Top with one crumbled Morning Star 'Sausage' Patty (1 pt), and 2 Tbsp grated sharp cheddar cheese (1 pt). Put back in oven until cheese melts.

4 points total


1 low fat tortilla (1-2 pts)
1 serving of Laughing Cow cheese
1-2 ounces sliced turkey or lean roast beef
tomato, lettuce, onion, pickle or whatever veggie.

Warm tortilla, Spread tortilla with cheeseadd meat and veggies, roll it up and eat.

3-5 points depending on choices and how much.
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I love a good salad, and they are easily portable!

My favorite salads lately...

I love the Riviera salad blend, in the Dole salad mixes. I add a boiled egg, wedged (most of the yolk discarded) and a big pile of chilled roasted red bell peppers. I like the cheap Vlasic roasted red pepper strips for this. Then I use a light balsamic vinaigrette dressing. I also add sweet cherry or grape tomatoes when I can find good ones.

Another salad I enjoy is taking the Riviera salad mix and adding crumbled blue cheese, a small apple - diced, a small amount of chopped walnuts, and a balsamic vinaigrette that I make with sweet fig balsamic vinegar.

Fake Fried Chicken Salad... I cook a Morningstar Farms Chix patty and cut it in cubes, then add it to a salad mix with tomatoes and honey mustard dressing.
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If you have a microwave at work, homemade, or a really good canned soup[add extra veggies] is a great desk lunch. I add a few homemade croutons, stale bread cubed, tossed with herbed oil and baked in the oven on low until crispy, that way I can control the additives and the amount of carbs in the soup or salad I am eating.
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At work, I eat leftovers from the night before and add a ton of veggies. We have a microwave to zap everything in. Last night I made Cliff's Taco Casserole from the WW recipes at this site and I had frozen zucchini and Yellow squash mix and frozen cauliflower in a separate 2 part dish. We make extra just so I can take leftovers to work.
For breakfast I have eggbeaters zapped in a microwave omelet maker with mushrooms and green onion (1pt) and a whole wheat English muffin (2 points) and a 2% mile cheese slice (1pt). With this I some times have jicima, unsweetened apple sauce or cucumber.
I love to eat oatmeal that I make the night before too. I always unsweetened apple sauce in my oatmeal.
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Question Need new food!

I see many members mentioning that they eat whole wheat english muffins. What company makes such a product? Have not been able to find it here in my "neck of the woods." I found WW breads today. 2 slices =1 point so am excited about that. Also my Giant finally has light Hot dog and hamburger rolls or reduced fat I think they are called. Has anybody tried the cauliflower popcorn recipe using Mrs. Dash Table Blend found in the latest issue of WW magazine? Have the stuff to make it and I love cauliflower, raw or cooked. We have just switched to the new Tropicana Light & Healthy o.j. Half the sugar and carbs and calories. Very good!
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Hi Melissa:

Today for breakfast I had oatmeal (1/3 cup uncooked, added some water & nuked for 2-1/2 min on high) added little can of peaches. For lunch I am having egg salad (1 egg + 1 egg white mixed with LF mayo, on carb-wise bread with lettuce) 5 Pts. with a cup of soup and crackers (2 Pts).

Also I keep a bag of frozen veggies at work & add to my lean cuisines. Just nuke them with a little water and add to cooked meal.

I also bring leftovers from supper for my lunches. With my leftover meats I bring salad and balsamic vinegar added to light italian dressing.

Other breakfasts I eat at my desk are: melba toast with l/c cheese, nuked egg on muffin, toasted bacon & tomatoe sandwich (make bacon night before or use the pre-cooked stuff & nuke). Dry cereal with fruit.

Hope this helps.
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