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Default I'm chubby and trying to lose, he's thin and needs to gain weight! Help!

Hello everyone!
I am shortly going to start living together with my sweet man, but will face the following problem:
I need to lose weight so I am on a food plan, but he's very tall and thin (all his life) and needs to gain weight. I am supposed to cook for us both, and really do not want to do 2 separate dishes every day. I am now putting together some ideas on how to keep to MY food plan while helping him with his without having to cook 8 hrs a day, and I would appreciate your help with tips....Oh, and I can't give hime double portions because he's not a big eater either...

I have thought of the following things myself:
1. Add extra hidden butter/ oil to everything on his plate or take my portion out before his
2. Same with cream and grated cheese

Does anyone know of any easy to make, really heavy-on-calories snacks I can give him to take to work, preferably with chocolate as I don't like it myself so I can stay off them? Or dishes that can be "boosted" up easily so I can eat them too!?

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Hi Greekgirl!

I'm reminded of the old nursery rhyme, Jack Sprat, do you know it? Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean... And so betwixt the two of them, they licked the platter clean. Though it would be the opposite for you

I wouldn't try slipping hidden fats or sugars in his food. It might make him gain, but it would not be a healthy gain, then he'll have another problem to deal with later. I would think that the same principals that apply to weight loss could also apply to weight gain. Eat 3 meals and two snacks, which focus on good carbs, lean proteins, and the good fats. Encourage him to eat larger portions an extra snack or two more. Increase exercise for both of you, but maybe he can focus on building muscle, while you burn fat.
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Default cook extra meals

Hi! Have you ever made meals and then frozen them? If you had a chance to make up several of your favorites (lower) and freeze them, and then also make up several of his (higher) and freeze them...then you can each take out a meal the night before for a healthy (for each of you) meal the next night. Sometimes it takes a few days of cooking to build up meals, but once you get some extras in there, you have saved a lot of time!
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Here in the uk we have drinks called Build Up or Complan. My sister is severely underweight and she used to get them on prescription as a child. I am not sure but think that they might be like a milkshake. Why not see if you can get him to drink something similar to these as well as the healthy meals that you are both eating.
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Thanks everyone!
Superwitch, thanx, I know the stuff, my mom used to take it for the same reasons. Its loaded with calories, but also very expensive so I wanted to use it only as a last resort.
As we are living together currently I am able to control what my man is eating a lot better. So I realised that basically he just forgot to eat, which is a bad thing in an underweight hypoglecemic (however could he manage that, I never could??). So now 'm powerfeeding him babybreakfasts, lunch (when he comes home from work), I give him healthy snacks to have in between, and cook dinner. This has started to pay off, as he has gained about 2 pounds in 1 week (he's eating about 2x what he used to). Now I have only to get him to a gym.
Funny thing is, cooking for someone else satisfies my cravings as well, weird but true, so it actually works for me to keep to my food plan as well!

greetings to y'all from France for now,

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I was in the same position as you & what we did was basically eat the same meals & he would have in between meal snacks (peanut butter sandwich & milk) to try & gain some weight. Also he had "instant breakfast" drinks which his regular breakfast & afternoon snacks. Good luck!
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