Does Anyone Know This?

  • Can anyone tell me how many calories and fat there are in a typical fried all-meat egg roll?
  • One frozen Pagoda-brand egg roll (pork and shrimp) is 170 calories, 8 gm fat.
  • But, if you're talking about an egg roll from a Chinese place, they area LOT more calories. I think on Weight Watchers they are 5 or 6 points? If that's correct, theyat would put them in the neightborhood of 250-300 calories.
  • Just checked on Dotti's website. A generic eggroll is listed as 6.5 points (250 calories, 15g fat).
  • It's too bad these can't be more consistent, lol.

    I just checked the Panda Express info on our own fast food guide and it shows one chicken egg roll has 190 calories, 8 grams fat, 4 ww points. That's closer to the Pagoda.

    I used to buy egg rolls in the deli secton at Super Walmart and they were rather big, and I'm almost certain they listed the fat grams at 3g each. That was for the veggie filled ones. I don't have any handy to check, though.
  • Just get in an extra walk if you ate the fried one!! I don't think these things will be a problem in moderation. Exercise is how I go about combatting higher fat foods. Easy too, just a nice walk around the block every day has helped me lose more weight than I first thought it would...