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Shortycan 05-09-2014 12:02 AM

eating food without sugar and yeast
Ok so I went to the market and bought a lot of food relating to probiotics, fresh fruits,veggies, a tub of Greek plain yogurt,and some chicken.

I'm so going to try to eat healthy as possible without eating foods that have high carbs. Such as rice,bread,juice,and etc. But it's really hard at times due to my hormones and also the fact I emotionally eat. Esp when I'm bored. Its so sad. I did at one point eat very small and chew billion times per bite and my weight was dropping but being stressed out and stuff like that wasn't helping!!!!

What are some other yummy but delicious fresh foods to consume
For people who kinda eat due to stress,boredom,and etc.

Help. And thank you so much you gals and guys

Oh yeah ps. The chicken thing what's the best option? Boiling?

Brandis 05-09-2014 11:17 AM

Hi Shorty- I hope this doesn't come across as curt or abrasive, but it sounds like you are taking on a lot. Sorry for the long post to follow. If you make drastic changes to your diet overnight, that in itself may be stressful and encourage you to turn to old habits of stressful overeating. You have to find foods you enjoy eating, but not feel deprived. The feeling of deprivation is what leads so many to sabotage their efforts. I think it is very difficult to change your whole way of eating overnight, saying you aren't going to eat certain things because of some nutritional reason. Now I know this sounds a lot like the pot calling the kettle black here, because I changed the way I eat just recently, and to some it may seem that I made radical changes. But I choose foods that I like, that are going to fill me up, and not make me feel the sugary, carby rollercoaster of hunger that I feel when I eat certain things.

I felt like I had to control my food choices in order to not feel like they were controlling me. But there seems to be a difference here: you wanted to have people list foods that are like binge foods for you to continue to be able to engage in this behavior when you feel an emotion. The whole goal of changing emotional overeating is to separate your feelings from food. Feel whatever it is you feel, but don't try to medicate it or suppress it with your stomach. I have a note on my fridge to remind me that it is a food storage device, and does not contain emotional support or a cure for boredom. Whatever you do, you can't use food as a drug. You just can't. You have to be as mindful of your foods as you can, and enjoy them while you are eating. Mindless eating was a huge problem for me, so I have been working on really enjoying what I am eating, while not being distracted, so I can really feel when I am full.

As far as recommendations for the cooking of the chicken, I usually cook mine on the George Foreman grill or my real grill. I have never boiled chicken in my life. I have also stir fried it a lot with veggies. That's pretty delicious. There are many ways you can cook with added flavor but not a lot of sugar or added sauces that add empty calories and processed ingredients. If you are not going to eat a lot of carbohydrates, please make sure you are getting enough healthy fats in your diet. You can't live on lean protein alone.

Hope this wasn't too forward. You can change your weight by changing your diet, but you can't use food as a way to change/manage your feelings and expect to lose the fat. I know. In the past, I have given myself "safe" foods to eat when I felt like I just needed to chew on something. It wasn't satisfying, and I always ended up eating that plus whatever junk was laying around. It is easier to eat real, filling food when you are hungry and to knit when you are bored or meditate when you are stressed. :)

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