What is your favorite "diet" food??

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  • newleaf123: I buy those for my kids!! I eat them every now and them when I need something cold!

    Katie816, crispin & Tibbits2u: Now I really want ice cream!

    Radiojane: I eat cheese all the time! It's something that I am not willing to let go.

    JenMusic: I am yet to try P2B. I read great things about it, and I saw it on my local Fred Meyers...
  • Low Carb Monster Energy drinks (I'm weaning off them though), and Laughing Cow light cheese. Also sugar free starlight mints.
  • CIELOARGE - I like PB2, but it helps not to set yourself up for actual peanut butter. It's definitely different, but still yummy. I mix it with Greek yogurt, or sometimes frozen fruit.

    Krampus - Those choc chip Quest bars are AMAZING.
  • I'm so jealous of the quest bars. If I eat any fiber at all it sets off my IBS, but otherwise they look perfect for me.

    I eat low carb and have really been enjoying a decadent snack of 1 ounce trader joe's mesquite almonds, 1 ounce trader joe's unexpected cheddar (this stuff is to die for!), and 2 trader joe's dark chocolate wedges.
  • Diet Dr Pepper and Pringles light.
  • I absolutely love the weight watchers fudge bars! And Cherry Coke Zero. I found Vanilla Coke Zero once and was in HEAVEN!
  • Those protein bars....especially the ones that taste really good, ie., Atkins Peanut Butter and Chocolate, lol.
  • Fiber one chocolate peanut butter brownies. Less than 100 calories and I was shocked by how good they are.

    Chobani greek yogurt, I've especially been enjoying the new flip varities. I found a new flavor at target I haven't seen anywhere else, peachy pistachio...yum!
  • Quote: ^^Yes!

    Popcorn (plain) with salt and vinegar shaker when I'm craving chips
    oooh i've never tried vinegar on popcorn!! Balsalmic vinegar?
  • Quote: I absolutely love the weight watchers fudge bars! And Cherry Coke Zero. I found Vanilla Coke Zero once and was in HEAVEN!
    Totally jealous of you being able to find that! I'd be okay with the Cherry Coke Zero if it didn't kinda give me a spicy (burning?) feeling in the throat so I don't drink it anymore.

    The ranch and cheesy flavored rice cake cracker/chips are a new fave of mine and LF cottage cheese or NF greek yogurt with dry ranch seasoning and/or garlic salt as a dip with veggies. Good on salads too.
  • Laughing cow light Swiss cheese

    Hard boiled eggs

    Skinny cow chocolate bars

    String cheese

    Nonfat Greek yogurt with honey

    Frozen grapes

    Think Thin bars

  • Just tried PB2 and in my opinion it doesn't hold a candle to peanut flour from iherb (it used to be a Trader Joe's label)

    omg GOOD, as you can see it's sold out

  • Quote: Heheheheheheheheh glad you like them! I just got a bunch of choc chip cookie dough bars in the mail.

    I never even thought of them as Diet Food - they're THAT good
    OH dear god I am addicted to the chocolate chip cookie dough ones. I love most of the other flavors, but I order a whole box of those every so often!

    I also clean out GNC's cookie dough bars whenever I can
  • Laughing Cow light - any flavor
    PB2 (I just discovered this recently, love it!)
    Hummus (roasted red pepper from Trader Joe's is my fav)
    Weight watcher's giant fudge bar - YUM
    Skinny cow ice cream sandwiches
    Trader Joe's FF greek yogurt (honey flavor)

    That's about all I buy as far as "processed" diety type of foods, otherwise I try to keep it "clean" (I'm with Desiderata I try to keep it 80/20)
  • I dont eat diet foods, I just eat smaller portions of whatever my mom cooks but I do love my Cherry coke zero