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health adventure 05-31-2013 03:11 AM

♥ My Favorite Healthy Zero Calories Drink
My little Story: I used to be an addict in Diet Soda, I drank 1~2 cans of diet soda everyday. But after reading so many researched about how artificial sweeteners(e.g: Aspartame, Acesulfame potassium, Sucralose, etc) can increase our risk for obesity, mess up our metabolism, increase belly fat and cholesterol and even cancer. After all, diet soda is basically composed of chemicals and they doesn't contain any nutrition at all, why not having some Healthy and Delicious Alternatives?

Here is My Favorite Drinks When I get bored with plain water:

1. Starbucks Iced Shaked Hibiscus Blend Tea (Unsweetened)

How I usually order:

-The largest size: Venti (Because I LOVE this SO MUCH)
-Light ice (Avoid a Diluted Flavor)
-Unsweentened (A MUST- Iced Teas are generally sweetened. This means 4-7(?) pumps of syrup at around 30 calories each)

The taste is so difficult to describe, well, it tastes refreshing and light with raspberry and berry flavor and a little bit of sweetness but definitely not overwhelming. I personally think it contains cinnamon which contributes to the sweet taste.

2. Twinings Chamomile Honey and Vanilla Tea

I like drinking it at night time to pamper myself and get ready to sleep. It smells SO good, you can smell the light honey and sweet vanilla flavor, it love its smell !! It has a subtle sweet honey taste. It is a healthy yummy treat when I am craving for something sweet

3. DIY Iced Yuanyang (Coffee and tea blend)
-Iced Twinings English Breakfast Tea + 1 Tablespoon Black coffee powder

I personally enjoy mixing the bold taste of coffee and and the smoother flavor of black tea together to make it taste more "interesting". Perfect to morning in the morning to boost my energy!

(P/S: I personally think Twinings black tea is much better than Lipton's. I hate Lipton-dishwasher-hot-water tasting teas!! The taste is not too strong, A basic black, smooth and mild with a very slight bitter aftertaste)

4. Twinings Wild Berries Tea

Tastes so fruity and nice that you don't need sweetener, nice combination of berries without "fake" after taste. I prefer drinking it cold with TONS of ice, how about you?

5. Twinings Lemon and Ginger Tea

Perfect for winter time when I feel like drinking something to warm up my entire body. It is aslo great for these day Iím feeling a bit less under the weather, it definitely helps me to calm the symptoms of allergic rhinitis ( Nasal Allergy Really SUCKS!!)

6.Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea

I tried so many teas from Celestial Seasonings and I HATE all of them expect this one. Others taste so artificial for me. But this tea taste absolutely delicious! I am surprised by how naturally sweet this is, it is
much sweetener than Twinings Chamomile Honey and Vanilla Tea. I love the sweet vanilla aroma, it's really calming, good to drink before sleep.

7. Lipton Genmaicha Tea ( green tea combined with roasted brown rice ) 立頓茗閒情- 玄米綠茶

I cannot drink Green tea. My stomach hurt really bad after drinking green tea (P/S: My stomach is quite strong, I can drink a venti black coffee on empty stomach without any consequence) Anyway, interesting, I don't have any problem with Genmaicha tea. The roasty, nutty flavour of the rice is so delicious. The Roasted brown rice is nicely balanced out the "grass" taste of green tea lol

8. Lipton Oolong Tea 立頓茗閒情-凍頂烏龍茶

Oolong Tea is a premium Chinese tea somewhere between green and black in oxidation.

I am a fans of deep, intense, bold, roasting tea. I just love the vibrant, long-lasting flavor of this tea. Sadly, I got this from Taiwan and I can't find this in my region. :(

9. Hung Fook Tong Sugar Free Grosvenor Momordica Fruit Drink鴻福堂無糖羅漢果

Grosvenor Momordica Fruit is an an intensively sweet fruit and estimated to be about 300 times sweeter than sugar but NON-caloric. Hence it can be used as sugar substitude.

It has a natural sweet flavor and a cold nature, it's renowned for its numerous benefits including moistening throat, dispelling pathogenic heat and summer heat, relieving cough and quenching thirst.

What are your favorite healthy and non-calorie beverage?
Comment down below.
I'd Love to try :)

tommy 05-31-2013 11:21 AM

Huge fan also of the SB passion tea (hibiscus based) - I have learned to make my own similar blend. I will definitely be trying your tea & coffee blend! Thanks so much. Also as it gets hotter here I have been steeping lemon verbena leaves in hot water to make an iced drink- no sweetening needed and a wonderful aroma along with great taste. Oh - there are so many once you start thinking- Good Earth regular tea is so spicy/sweet - a real treat.

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