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Default Protein?

Just started yesterday. Doing curves and for over a day now I have been eating perfectly on target. I have confidence I can keep it up.

I'm having a hard time incorporating enough protein. I'm not a big meat eater and I really don't cook. I like simple things that I can throw together and eat on a paper plate. (I hate dishes ... not that most people do)

I had a muscle milk after my workout. I also had a Naked protein chocolate shake but that has too much sugar (though a lot of protein and tasted good).

Breakfast was toast w/ PB and banana, Mid day had cheese stick and blueberries, Dinner was grape nuts cranberry/vanilla w/ skim milk

What are some good protein suggestions?
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I'm a lot like you, I not a big fan of meats and I don't like to cook. I always keep a dish of hard cooked eggs in the fridge for a quick bite of protein. Peanut butter is good too, but can be high in fat and carbs too. Low-fat cheeses... Beans...
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Boar's Head lunchmeat rolled up with cheese is a favorite for me. If you don't mind cooking like once a week, I make a few staples on every Sunday, and reheat, and cook as needed.

1/2 slice of bacon wrapped around asparagus, bake in the oven til desired doneness. I eat them cold for breakfast.

Meatloaf made in muffin tins with extra veggies, chili with extra veggies, taco meat, soup, etc.
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If you cook eggs for breakfast and are worried about too much cholesterol, use one whole egg and add egg whites to it to make omelets.

I like to get a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket deli section. I cut it up into pieces and remove the bones and measure out 2-4 oz. portions into Ziploc baggies and stick them in the refrigerator. I can microwave a portion and put it on top of a salad, or in a pot with some mixed veggies and chicken broth for a soup.

The other night I steamed part of a cauliflower and chopped it up. Then I took a can of tuna and mixed it with a little organic spaghetti sauce and heated it up. Poured it over the cauliflower, topped it all with Parmesan. It was tasty and I didn't miss the pasta at all! I like tuna on salads too.

Other fish cooks fairly quickly, like salmon fillets.

When choosing bacon, if you're looking for more protein, try using a good-quality uncured turkey bacon. It is more meat. Pork bacon is more of a fat.

Semi-soft cheeses are nice. A bit of whole-milk ricotta cheese on toast is so yummy! Soft goat cheese on celery.

Okay, I'm hungry now!
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I would try a protein shake. You can use them as a meal replacement, with a meal, or as a recovery like I do. I recommend the "Phase 8" that Muscletech makes. It actually works over an 8 hour period so it's great to consume before bed which is usually when I do it. I make it with skim milk or water and call it a day. I drink it and I don't have to worry about it. It has 26g of protein per shake I believe.
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Other ideas would include Greek yoghurt. I also make a Caesar salad (no fat, very low-cal dressing) and I add either cold water baby shrimp (which I buy frozen...just need to thaw) or cubed grilled chicken breast (which I buy pre-cooked/cubed, so you just it toss in your salad). I also enjoy baked salmon. Just buy salmon, add a bit of seasoning and stick it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes...very simple.
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Protein shakes or tofu. I did Curves a few years back (did really well actually until I got pregnant and couldn't properly go into maintenance and gained it all back plus some friends.)

I remember just HOW much meat they wanted us to eat. Oh dear god it was insane! Granted, it might have changed since I did it, but it was an insane amount of meat at the time. Protein shakes were my friend, but only certain brands as I had to watch sugars and carbs AND make sure I was getting enough amino acids. I know EAS is a good brand for that. At the time I did Curves, I want to say I used their shake (which was gross) and Six Star Whey Protein Powder. I also used Special K Protein products. And almond milk instead of regular skim milk. And tofu. I like tofu, so that was easy for me.
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Cottage cheese, one of those love it or hate it foods. One cup has 25 grams of protein!!
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