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Originally Posted by luckymommy View Post
Canned spinach makes me gag. Green tea makes me vomit. And I would never take a single bite of SPAM.
Hubby loves canned spinach. The smell of it makes me run to the bathroom. ADORE fresh spinach, but the canned stuff is horrendous!!!! Also, I second salmon. Just the thought makes me queasy. I'll eat any other kind of fish. Grew up on fish as I live on the coast and near lots of rivers, but HATE salmon.
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Water chestnuts. So. Gross.

Peanutbutter "flavored" things

Zucchini - especially in baked goods. Keep your nasty vegetables out of my dessert thank-you-very-much!
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Any kind of fish. Ugh the smell alone makes me want to vomit...
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This is a funny thread. So many strong feelings. For me I think the scallop thing was that originally I just didn't like them. But when I was a kid one night for dinner my mom made them and was so excited, she thought I loved them for some reason. Me, not wanting to disappoint choked them down and then a few hours later it was like bubblybarrister with the yams.

Years ago I had barbecue spare ribs and homemade brownies and then the next day I got the norovirus and for years I associated the taste of those foods with the nausea I experienced but I got used to them again eventually.

I'm surprised that so many people hate salmon specifically. I always thought its flavor was a little too mild.
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wow, lots of fish hate here!

I love fish and most seafood. No raw oysters or clams on the half shell though, that's one thing I don't think could ever eat. And Kisigin, I don't like scallops either! Not to the extent of the way you feel about them, but they are the only seafood I can think of that I won't eat.

A lot of things, I don't like, but I am not too put off by them, I just won't eat them but don't care if others around me do.
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Eggs (fried, deviled, extra eggy with runny yolks) and tuna (or any fish really but canned tuna water in the sink is the grossest) make me gag! Yuck!!!

Just typing runny yolks made me dry heave, both times!

I only like eggs in my cakes and brownies.
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Canned vegetables of any kind but specifically green beans and corn. Absolutely disgusting!

I'm also in the fish camp and extend it to ALL seafood. The only kind of fish I will stomach is "fish n' chips" fish...skinless, flavourless, boneless, fried and smothered in tartar sauce until it doesn't resemble fish. I have tried countless times to like it (bites here and there from people's plates) and I inevitably spit it out.

I had some truly terrible beef liver so I won't go near that again!

Oddly I got deathly ill with typhoid fever while living in Mexico. The last thing I had before I started heaving was coffee. I will still drink coffee now though. It's THAT good.
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Love fish and seafood but foods I hate, hate, hate that I tried growing up in a family with Brit grandparents- beef liver, kidneys, pickled pigs feet and Melton mowbray pork pie. My mom and sister loved steak and kidney pie and I could not even stand the smell. They also loved the other foods I mentioned and I tried them and could not believe how anyone liked them.
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Originally Posted by Kitcherella View Post
I am not a fussy eater. I am not squeamish. I have eaten very weird things. There is only one thing I would never ever eat under no circumstances. Marmite. Awful - how can people eat it and not spit it out?
Had to google marmite and saw their slogan "love it or hate it" lol.

I can tolerate canned spinach if I cook with it, but my daughter eats it out of the can if it has a picture of Popeye on it, when she was 4 I used to carry a can of mixed veggies with me in case if she didn't like whatever was being cooked where ever we went. My cousin once said " yuck at least ask your mom to warm it up"
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Coconut shrimp or fried mac and cheese balls. Both have given me a food sickness, and trust me, those do not come up the wrong way nicely.
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Coconut shrimp has always kind of sounded wrong to me. I guess because I think of coconut as only existing in sweet dishes. It has the same connotation as chocolate shrimp, (not that chocolate shrimp exists). I've actually always wanted to try marmite and vegemite for that matter just because of the Men at Work song.
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Melon. Any kind. Melon flavoured anything. Fruit salad that has melon in it...and I love fruit salad.
Tapioca/rice pudding/ congee
Mayonnaise: unless it's in tuna... but not too much please! Tartar sauce is ok, too.
Sweet pickles. (Funny how mayo and sweet pickles are both gross, but tartar sauce which is both of them together is ok)
Organ meat: I think this may be more mental than anything else.
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I love seafood and fish. Especially scallops. LOL. Funny how people are different. Love my fish cooked or raw, on the half-shell or in sushi or just about any old way. Squid, Octopus, tuna, pickled herring - yum!

I have eaten everything mentioned above, including marmite - pretty salty!!!!! I have had lots of ethnic food in my travels and loved most of it and found none of it uneatable.

I do not love the Portuguese national dish - Salt Cod. It's not that I don't like cod, it is the extreme saltiness that gets to me.

I am not fond of brown rice - love white; love wild - brown always tastes rancid to me. Along the same lines, I have bought all kinds of whole wheat pasta. I can eat it, but I don't like it, so I let it sit in the pantry until it is too old to eat. There really is no substitute for good pasta.

Eggplant tastes like styrofoam, even soaked in grease.

Oh yes, Okra is probably almost uneatable. Breaded and fried in a ton of bacon grease so's you can't tell what it is maybe OK, but fixed in any way that is remotely healthy, forget it. My BIL gave me a bunch of okra and I was sure I could make something good - nope.

I don't like imitation grape flavored candy or drinks. Other imitation flavors - bring 'em on.

I have heard folks say they can't stand the icing on the cakes you order at the grocery store. Well, I love it. If it isn't greasy, it doesn't belong on the top of a cake. I don't like the "Fluffy" white stuff. I think "Fluffy" is code for non-fat.

Love liver, don't mind kidney. I haven't tried brains or tripe.

I always wish I didn't like everything. Maybe I would be thin. Hah! I just can't stand the idea of missing out on something delicious when the opportunity presents itself.
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Oh I forgot cake frosting in general. I don't like any of it. I always scrape the frosting off. I also don't care for pie, I wouldn't say I hate it just don't care for it.

As for canned spinach, I believe it is the source of my spinach hate for many of my years. My mom loved the stuff but the smell made me gag. I couldn't go near any cooked spinach for many, many years then in my 20s, I started to eat raw spinach then started lightly cooking spinach and now I love it but it was a long road from hate to love.
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Can't stand the scent of cantaloupe. Mom used to have to give me a heads up so I could go somewhere every time they decided to cut one open.

Angel hair pasta. Ever since I saw the jar of heart worms at the vet, I've not been able to look at angel hair pasta the same way.
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