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I miss In N out.

And lol @ hamburger diaper!

I would probably just eat the burger without the bun. The buns on most hamburgers are pretty tasteless anyways. Might as well go to the "meat" of what you are craving!

But I also highly recommend the "flame-grilled" boca burger. yummm

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I don't eat meat any more but throughout my weight loss (non-vegetarian then vegetarian), I'd still go to Red Robin once in a while, I'd just fit the calories in. Even now, I may or may not go to Red Robin (they have a veggie burger and a whole wheat bun). I'd just change what went on my burger and figure it into my calorie counts. If you are a calorie counter, I'd suggest dropping the mayo and the cheese and filling up on other condiments. I'd even put avocado on (good sub for both cheese and mayo). And even though the fries are 'limitless', I never got refills on the fries or I'd get the side salad instead.
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I'm not much of a meat person so don't crave burgers. When I order one it's usually some kind of veggie burger.

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I make burgers at home, but mainly just in summer because I like them on the grill. I eat mine on half a bun, which works out fine.
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But I also highly recommend the "flame-grilled" boca burger. yummm
Yep. I'm also a fan of the Morningstar Farms Tomato and Basil Burger and Spicy Black Bean burger. OOOOR, Luna Burgers. Organic, locally sourced-veggie burgers, often made WITHOUT SOY made in Ohio. Available at Whole Foods markets and in Ohio and surrounding states, frozen. I also like Phoenix Organics tofu burgers, which are made in WV but mostly sold in Cali. And I adore their meatless meatballs.

Either alone or on slim-sliced Jewish rye or pumpernickel (there is a brand in my grocery store that is nice bread, thin-sliced, 100 calories for 2 slices, and it tastes like real bread, not air-puffed fake 35 cal/slice bread) with good mustard and a slice of thin-sliced smoked Provolone. + veggies and pickles and pop chips.

And if I want fries I just buy frozen shoestring fries at the grocery store and cook them in the oven. Cascadian Farms has some that are pretty good, minimal coating, 5 servings per bag (I don't want to have 15 servings of fries sitting around in my freezer tempting me).

Oh, but I'm vegetarian so I don't really crave burgers, so much as sandwiches. Hah.
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If I want a burger... I have a burger... But I have a really, really good one at a place that I know and really like... Something like the DB burger at DB Bistro Morderne or something like that... Then I hit the gym for a punishing workout and pretty much don't eat the rest of the day to try and make up for it...
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There is an excellent local burger joint around here that serves ostrich burgers. Ostrich has EXCELLENT nutrition stats compared to ground beef, and tastes very beefy in my opinion. One of those, wrapped in lettuce, is also delicious.
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Nothing beats a homemade burger...when I crave a burger I'll usually make it at home myself!

Someone mentioned a whopper jr and that's what I get when I'm out on the run. Its small enough to not be a huge calorie bomb and its also filling. Always a great option.
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If we're grilling in the summertime, I'll eat a beef hamburger... but stop at one and either put the burger on a roll or omit the roll and add a slice of fat-free cheese. Most of the time, though, if I want a burger, I make myself a salmon burger. I love 'em... and one burger in one of those sandwich thins with some veggies on the side makes a great, quick meal for me!
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If it's a minor craving I will eat a black bean burger or salmon burger on a whole wheat bun.

if it's a crazy I gotta have it craving, I'll have a greasy fast food burger of my choosing. One "bad" meal isn't going to ruin my day or my diet as long as I pick up where I left off right after my meal. It might mean an extra work out but that's okay.

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Hi, I'm Lauren! :)
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I didn't get to make my turkey burger. -sad face is sad- I went to have one for lunch yesterday thinking we had those frozen butterball turkey patties, and we did not.

But I decided that I want a real, good burger so me and a friend are going to Five Guys for a late lunch/early dinner. I've budgeted it in my calories and have already planned out what I'm gonna put on it. I figure, if I'm gonna have a burger, might as well have me a BURGER. Then I won't want one for awhile.
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use a small 110cal bun and lean ground beef and have a small patty. im a vegetarian 99 percent of the time but yesterday i had a hamburger and the bun was 110cals and the meat pattie was 38g cooked so i think 50cals (counted it as 100 cal since i have no clue)? and i had lots of condoments. i think it was still well under 300 cals but im not sure how many cals the 38g patty really was :s

but there are ways of making it low cal etc

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Originally Posted by mimsyborogoves View Post
I figure, if I'm gonna have a burger, might as well have me a BURGER. Then I won't want one for awhile.
yep, if you are going to have a treat, make it be one you will really enjoy!
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Ground bison makes a great burger! But I generally have turkey burgers..with fat free thousand island, a skim milk piece of american and lots of pickles on a slimwich. It's Big Mac esque.
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Originally Posted by sontaikle View Post
There are no In-N-Out burgers in New York Makes me so sad because I hear so many good things about them. Argh!

Oh well, I was thinking of moving anyway. Time to move, y/y?
Having had both, I think In-N-Out is very similiar to Five Guys Burgers which you likely have in your area? I actually prefer Five Guys since there are more topping options. (Love your avatar btw).

I just read about making butternut squash fries vs. sweet potato fries because they have about half the calories and they are still very nutritious.

Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Comparison

I haven't tried this yet, but I've gotten a squash to do just this thing. Has anyone tried them already?
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