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Originally Posted by Misti in Seattle View Post
I won't touch the stuff. Giving them up is one of the smartest things I ever did. And John.. people ARE dropping like flies from those and all the other junk and chemicals the food supply is loaded with.
Are they bad for everyone though? People "drop like flies" from healthy things like nuts and fruit because they're allergic. Nobody recommends we ALL stop eating them though.
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I have read that using of all artificial sweeteners for a long time is very risky for our bodies and may lead to cancer.
Just Stevia sweetener is a natural product and is acceptable to me.
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This topic is one of many that is difficult to really understand if we want scientific information. The science is out there, but there are many more claims that are not based on science, so you really have to look for it. And when you do find it, you have to be able to interpret it correctly.

I teach college classes on research design and 2 things I always teach my students to look for are: 1) What's the sample being studied and 2) how did they measure what they're looking at?.

Regarding samples, Kaplods point that humans aren't rats is correct! We cannot necessarily conclude that what happens to them generalizes to us. Clinical trials for medicine used to only be conducted with men, so do those results apply to women. Are obese people different from non-obese? The research is out there, but there may not be enough to conclude it applies to a specific group.

As for the measurement, it is a broad question -- did they just look at one sweetener - doest that apply to others? They studied diet sodas, but what about other foods??

Science is the only way to answer a number of questions, especially causal questions. And those causal questions can only be answered by experiments (much of the research is correlational) But every single study is very limited, by it's nature, and we have to be careful to build a correct picture.

All of that said, I once read that there is a lot of conflicting evidence about the value of a number of foods on diseases, e.g., red wine, coffee. Some studies find positive outcomes, others negative.

But diet soda didn't seem to have any 'positive' outcomes regarding diseases. In other words, diet soda may not harm you, but other than helping to reduce calorie intake, it doesn't seem to provide any other benefits (e.g., heart disease, cancer). So as a consumer, you can think about whether the calorie decrease is enough for you given the possible health issues. Personally, I have decreased the diet soda I drink, but have not given it up entirely.
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Originally Posted by JohnP View Post
Do you have any evidence to back up this statement?
It's certainly not something I am going to get into a debate over.

I've done my thorough research on the additives and processing methods that are in our "food-like substances" and it is very convincing to me. If others want to eat and drink all that stuff, go for it. Personally, I think the obesity proportion and ill health of our society in general pretty well speaks for itself.

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Originally Posted by misspixie View Post
This is where my thread went lol it went missing but I found it! Please remember I wasnt asking if they were good for you just if they affected your body like sugar does cause Ive read tons of stuff all contradicting itself.
Good point. and well taken.

I will graciously dance right on out of this discussion.
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I believe each of us is capable of driving ourselves NUTS.

I am almost ready for medicare. Yikes.

My father was born in 1909 and he used to say "Everything in moderation." He lived to 96.

A little artificial sweetener won't kill anyone. My take on the subject is don't use them... unless on Phase 1 of South Beach for 2 weeks.

At the end of the day... it is all about calories... use real sugar and just use small quantities like decades ago.

The part of what I have read that resonates with me is "Artificial sweeteners don't satisfy your body's desire for natural sweet and by using them your body craves MORE natural sweet and then you eat all sorts of JUNK with corn sugar."
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