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Default Coffee Flavored Protein Powder?

Has anyone found a coffee flavored protein powder? All I ever see is chocolate and vanilla and occasionally another random flavor but never coffee. Please help me find one!

Also, are "non-flavored" protein powders actually flavorless or do they still have a taste?

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Hi there is a coffee mocha or latte protein powder coffee drink on amazon .com called click expresso protein drink. ive had it and its not bad. rosey
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Just add some instant coffee.
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Originally Posted by Tesee View Post
Also, are "non-flavored" protein powders actually flavorless or do they still have a taste?
I prefer the unflavored whey protein to the flavored, but they're not exactly flavorless.

The ones I've tried do have some flavor, but they've all (in my opinion) tasted MUCH BETTER than any of the flavored proteins I've tried.

You can also add instant coffee granules to plain or flavored whey when you make your protein shakes. I keep instant coffee on hand and add it to plain whey powder and add cocoa powder - because I like mocha, but not plain coffee).

I buy my unflavored whey protein straight from cheesemakers (it's the cheapest, and in Wisconsin, small cheese-making dairies that sell whey protein are abundant - however their online prices aren't any better than the big-name brands).

Undenatured whey protein (made at lower temperatures) dissolves better and has an even milder flavor. This is my favorite whey protein. It dissolves well and quickly in water, and I even like it mixed with powdered drink mix (like Crystal Light singles).

The flavor of undenatured whey protein is like very watered-down milk, so when ixed with juice, crystal light, soup, coffee, tea... it's not really noticeable at all (at least I think so).

Most protein powders are made at high temperatures (thus are denatured protein, but generally it will just say whey protein). This is usually the protein in most protein powders. It has a stronger flavor, more of a "cooked milk" flavor. It's not bad, and in fact I find the flavor milder than in most flavored proteins. I can add whatever flavorings and sweeteners I want and I've always had it turn out better than the preflavored proteins (most preflavored protein powders have a very unnatural, chemically taste to me - especially the vanilla, because they rarelly use real vanilla flavoring, instead using vanillin which I hate).

I've rarely found a pre-flavored whey protein that I really liked (except a few single packs like one cherry chocolate brand that I really liked - but the health food store where I bought it only sold it in single serving packages at $2 each).

With unflavored whey, I can make any flavor smoothie I want (or I can even add it to soup or other foods).

I believe Syntrax offers an undenatured protein (they may not advertise it as such, but by the fact that it's guaranteed to dissolve well in water tells me that it is). They also I believe have a mocha or cappacino flavored protein powder (they have more than a dozen different flavors).

If I couldn't get undenatured whey locally at a much better price, I would buy Syntrax medical (I believe that's the name of their unflavored whey protein). I'd even consider some of the flavors, but since the whey is the expensive ingredient, it's much more cost effective to buy the undenatured protein and flavor it yourself, especially since if you want multiple flavor options, you don't have to buy $30 for each additional flavor you want.
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If you don't mind it being pre-sweetened, Spiru Tein comes in oodles of flavors, including cappuccino.

I used to drink it every day for breakfast, then I switched to their unsweetened protein powder, which had a slight vanilla flavor. Now I'm doing Medifast, so haven't bought it in over a year.

When I was using the unsweetened protein powder, I added Splenda and instant coffee most days, frozen fruit some days.
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I haven't found coffee flavored protein powder, but I love to mix a Starbuck's Via in with my chocolate protein shake mix (it edited out the brand like I said a bad word!). It tastes like a frozen mocha.

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